Living at Tsing Yi

Hi , I just moved from Malaysia to Hk. Looking for a place to move in after few weeks of company temporary accommodation.

Working near Olympic station. Was checking Tai kok tsui, tsing Yi and tsuen wan with a budget below 15k. Is any expat stay in these area can share your living experience?

Tsing Yi is modern and very residential. It is a great area with giant mall, big supermarkets/restaurants the riverside is well designed for strolling / jogging.
Tai Kok Tsui is more "authentic" and you will enjoy the proximity of the Mong Kok district that is very local with a large choice of street food and other local shops
Tsuen Wan West is very industrial and not my favourite place. The east side of the district is great but not practical for you if you need to commute to Olympic.

Seem not many lease unit with my budget at tsing yi. Called two agents yesterday  with 15k budget, only one unit for view, and it was grabbed by others one day after I finally decided to take it. How about Tung Chung the next station after Tsing Yi?

Similar to Tsing Yi in terms of ambiance. New district with big mall. Pretty busy in the morning and afternoon for a lot of people go through this station to work at the airport and use the big bus terminal.
Not sure what kind of flat you are looking for but 15k is a reasonable budget in HK for a studio in these locations.