New French girl in HK

Hi everyone !
I arrived in HK two weeks ago for a one year internship.
I am looking for some friends to go out, visit...
And i am also looking for some roomates ! HK is so expensive !!
I would like to share a flat :)

Let's keep in touch !!!
Julie :)

Hi Julie,

Welcome on Expat-blog! :)

I hope you make lots of new contacts on the site.

Concerning roommates, you can have a look at the "Accommodation in China" guide.

Wish you good luck

Bonjour Julie,

First of all, welcome to Hong Kong! I'm from England & this is my 4.5th year working & living here. I'm looking for friends to hang out, dine & chat with. I'm the group creator of "Central & Western District Social Group" in facebook, and the URL is given as the following:

You don't have to work or live in the Central & District, and this group isn't established for entertainment only, it's also here for professional networking, job opportunities, and friends-making too. Although the group is still new & hasn't got many members at this time, yet you can still join & we may be able to have a bit of chat over facebook or other means of communication.

Hoping to receiving your reply soon, ciao.

Interesting, for every person that says Hong Kong is expensive another says it is very affordable. Well that is human nature. jw

Hi Youlie!
I arrived in Hong Kong last week also and I'm looking to meet some friends here too.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to talk.

Hi Julie,

I just arrived in HK and would like to know more about you and maybe meet up to discover the city together.

Let me know if you are still looking for new friends.



I just arrived 3 weeks ago and searching for some friends.

I am living in Sheung Wan. Do not hesitate to contact me!


Hello everyone!

I am new in Hong Kong too, I arrived only a few days ago...
I live near Sheung Wan like Matt.
I'd love to make some friends!


Hello Alice :)

Welcome on ;)


Hi Matt and Alice:

Welcome to HK!! :D

Bonjour to all the French members!
I also arrived several weeks ago but I didn't meet many people here for the moment.
We could arrange a "rendez vous" if you want to.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in going out for a drink ok?
Au revoir!

Hello everybody!

I am also a newbie in HK. I don't know anybody here yet, so if you want to go out visit the city or have a drink somewhere, do not hesitate to contact me!

Hope to see u soon


Dear all,

I'm a British-Hong Konger from Windsor, working & living in Hong Kong. Up for friends-making, meet-up for meals, weekly / monthly activities, etc.

Anyway, I look forward to receiving your reply soon, ciao.


Hi Julie;

I am like you; I arrived two weeks ago.

I do not know someone here and I would like to meet new people.

My mail is [email protected]

contact me to have some drinks


hi Julie,

How's it going? I love making friends in Hong Kong as everyone just have such a unique background, looking forward to know you! I'm Ron Tsui and you can find me on facebook :)

Hi everyone!

I am new in Hong Kong too, I arrived on Wednesday and will stay 6 months.
If anyone is interested in having a drink or discovering Hong Kong, do not hesitate to contact me

Hi Everyone !!!
My roomate is leaving HK at the end of this month ! SO I am looking for a new roomate !!! I am living in Wan Chai, if you know someone interested, let me knowww !!!


hi julie how ar eyou.sweetheart i m in china .what are you studying over there

Hey I'm from Hong Kong currently learning French maybe we can help each other out

Hello Galaxystar168,

Welcome to  :cheers:

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