Looking for a host in HKG in January

Hi, everyone!
I am currently working in Manila, Philippines. This coming January 2011 I will make a tour to HongKong - just to see and explore the city. As far is I am doing it alone and on my own - the accommodation is really the most expensive part, I can hardly afford.
Would be very much thankful, if somebody would agree to host me for 3-4 days in January. Promise to be quiet and not causing any problems))

Haha, quiet? That will not be a problem for me i talk a lot myself. Well i can help if you need it. I can show you around Hong Kong. Let me know, JW

Hey there!!!
my inquiry is still valid..  are there any generous expat, who can provide a coach for 3nights and help out a girl having some of those fashionable severe finance problems, so looking for a miracle??
i really do not ask for a room and high class accommodaion! A couch or a even a sleeping bag would do!!

Hi Nat, drop me a mail - I might be able to help - anthonylun[at]gmail.com

Once again everybody - very last minute SOS call!
this monday i was fired ))) So seems to be this trip is going to be my budget Freedom's celebration.
I am arriving to HKG on 13 Jan and Leaving on 16. Pleeeease... if somebody can help me out with the overnight accommodation.. even a matress in the corner would do ))  please.. that would be awesome!

Thanks a lot )

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