Help!!! Advice on which areas to live


I'm moving to hong kong in July to work in the ballet company

it's located in happy valley and wondered where a nice easy location to live is?

I'd like to be close or have easy public transport to my work - with no tram changes

but I can't afford a high price!!

Thanks guy

looking forward to meet u all!!!

Anywhere on Hong Kong Island will be close by and will have easy public transportation. The location on the island will determine the amount that it will cost you to live. JW

Me and my wife are planning to get settled in HK , I just want to inform you that I am coming on student visa and my wife as dependent. I have few queries :
will I be able to earn part time during my studies so as to gain my cost of daily living.
is it really expensive in HK?

Thank you

i live in new territories, i think that's the cheapest place to live in hk according to price.

n.t. > kowloon > hk island
affordable > most expensive

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Where's your university? The reason I asked is that there are some universities in Kowloon Tong, if you are in with one of those, then here's an option:

My friend has just moved to Shenzhen. He's paying around 2000 HK for a very decent sized flat, which is definitely big enough for 2(You won't find that anywhere in HK - for the price or the size)

The cost of living is also a lot cheaper there. But most importantly, it only takes around 40 minutes to get to Kowloon Tong from there

But be warned: life in china and long travelling time is going to be tough. very tough.

I have no idea how the immigration works for a non-chinese; my friend is native English but he seems to have no problems entering and exiting the country

Seeing as it would be illegal to work on a student visa, it might be a idea worth exploring, just purely based on costs.

or, you can try Lamma Island. You could probably get a flat for around 5000.(It was when i checked a couple of years back, but i have been told prices have gone up a lot since)

i will be studying in HK Polytechnic university in Kowloon.

Do u have any suggestions