Looking for cheap accommodation in or near Causeway Bay

Hey all,
  I am moving to Hong Kong in October 2012. I am looking for a cheap/decent accommodation. I am with sharing the apartment as well. Would be great if I can get advice from expats living there. :)

Thanks in advance.

Deepvansh Khurana

Hello Deepvansh Khurana.

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The Housing in Hong Kong section might help. You can post an advert there.

This articles on Accommodation in China can be useful.

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Causeway bay is smack in the Middle of Hong Kong Island and so the price will in most cases be higher. You can easily find less expensive places only 10 minutes away from CB! remember Hong Kong Island is tiny and it has good public transportation to get from point A to point B.

Thanks A and J for reply. J, could you please give me some info about Wing Kong (if you have any idea)?

Are you paying for rent? How much can you afford on rent per month? JW

yes.. i would like to pay rent. Around 5500 HKD or less I guess?

Wow, well rent is expansive in Hong Kong. I know of 4 people who are renting near causeway bay and all 3 are paying over 6,000 HKD for a single bedroom which is less then 300 Sq. Feet. Meaning one room with a tiny bathroom in that one room.

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