Serviced Apartments in Hong Kong

Hi! Do you guys have any suggestion on serviced apartments in Hong Kong? The budget would probably be around $18K pm. I would like to know more about DASH Serviced Suites. Have anyone stayed with them before, may you write a review of them or other serviced apartments? Thank a lot!!

Ive used At You Service before seem to be up to date data. Depends where you want to be located.

Shop around as there are lots of serviced apartments in Hong Kong. They range from low end all the way to very expensive high end apartments.


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One issue with Serviced Apartment portals in HK is that they only have partial listings and prices are not always available. Hard to get a sense of all the available options when one site gives you a different set of apartments from another. $18k pm will get you a decent serviced studio apartment in HK (or a smaller 1bd unit).

When friends come over I usually recommend AYS (mentioned above) or YourNewBase (  because you can contact the properties directly and don't need to go through agents. No ads either.