I think I hurt spine, any good Ortho doctor?

Yesterday, I was staying on my bed doing some reading and when I tried to bent over to reach out for something at the end of the bed, I felt something immediately and right now, when I stand up, my hip have a sharp pain.

Anybody knew an ortho specialists that focus on spine  around Central area?  Do they accept medical insurance?  I have Prudential

Sorry about your hip pain. You couldcheck out Rin Spine Center, which is closed to Central Station. Great reviews on Google. Provided your insurance policy covers chiropractic, you'll be able to pay up front and use their receipt to claim back. Also, check whether Prudence require you to get a referral letter from a GP before seeing a chiropractor. Best of luck

You can check King Ho Fung
Old Chinese doctor
Acupuncture + Osteopathy + Physio

Room C 8/F, 114 Lockhart Rd in Wanchai
You need to book at 3118 2505 (they speak English)

I was in the same situation as you a few months ago, he put my spine back in place at the first visit. Highly recommended!

Canossa Hospital in the Mid-levels has a Spine Center. It's a very well established hospital but I am not sure about how good the spine center is. We had three children born there so we know the place is or was popular with expats.

I've had spinal surgery myself (slipped disc) in Malaysia and I know people who have had back problems so it's definitely worth getting it checked out properly because back pain can be awful.

I'd had acupuncture before on an ankle problem after a motorbike accident (in Taiwan) and from my experience the pain relief was only short lived. But it might be worth giving it a try. However, I'm a strong advocate of getting it checked out properly in a proper hospital.