Query about mispelled name in visa

Good day. I just want to ask what to do if the spelling of my name in my entry visa is wrong? my agency didn't know what to do either and it will expire 10 days from now. Please help.

It shouldn't be a problem,I am in the same situation, and been here for 5years, never posed a problem for me. Because they only have one basis of information for you, and that is your civil ID. They won't ask for your passport and civil ID together here. Unless you book a ticket,but then booking a ticket travel agencies will only ask your passport, not both. Any transactions done inside Kuwait, it's always the Civil ID nothing else matters.
My name started with 'CH' like in Chris, PACI translator somehow read it as 'SHREE' with the 'SHEEN' character.

Ms. Tin78 thank you.. i hope that i will be deployed with no problem on that matter.

As they say my name and yours are 'lost in translation' lol. I been in and out of the country multiple times, never caused a problem even on immigration at the airport. Wish you all the best Sha Pau.

Hey Sha Pau, I've re read your post and my reply, I think I got it wrong. I was referring to mospelled name in Civil ID versus name in passport. While you were referring to entry visa, in that case I don't know the answer.  There is an opd post about that mispelled name on visa somewhere here. Sorry for the confusion.

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Dear Members,

i agree before it was not an issue if there is a spelling mistake in the visa. But the different country has different rules. Especially in Phillipinnes, the embassy of Kuwait is very strict now and they will not stamp the visa if even a single alphabet is missing or mistake.

you can send the visa back to your employer here in Kuwait and they will cancel it and reissue you the new visa with correct spelling|(Same to same as on passport).


i have got kuwait visa but my name is wrong can i enter kuwait please help me

depends on the type of error that is there, is it completely misspelt or what?