Divorce in egypt, Orfi or legal

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friend of mine(AMERICAN) married TO Egyptian , with two kids(5 ,3 years) and she want to know if she can travel on vacation to states without her husband ,only with kids(all have American passports) .....anything needed as husband approv and if so how it looks like and where to issue from??????????????????

Hi, I am in the same situation as you are? How did everything go for you both now? I am from US and want to go marry abroad in egypt to my egyptian fiance, I was previously married and divorced here in the US

First she needs yo check with an immigration lawyer if she is banned to travel or no
Second husband should approve written at immigration office
Then within some days she can travel.
The point is travelling with kids without husband approval is not easy but not impossible.

Based on what he claim to get half of the flat or the property?
there is no legal base for this claim!

Nothing would happen to the flat it well remain yours,

I will go to sharm el-Sheikh on holiday to see my boyfriend and we entend to make orfi
Is it dangerous for me

An orfi is for to have sex ....it not legal and the only way you can make it legal is go to the MInistery of Justice... if you really want to get married legal or sometime down the line take your husband  to your own country you need to marry with two stamps from your embassy and a post office in Cairo then take that to the Ministers of Justice.

No it isnt. Just for the vacation to be able to stay together.

My name is Shakirat
I am a 58 years old lady. I am a British. I just got married to my so call husband, Nikkah 17th of August 2018. And we legalised the marriage 27th of October 2018. Just after the legalisation things went bad which now I want to file for divorce. PLEASE IF you can assist me please. Many things that happen i can't write it publicly. PLEASE I just have to let him go.

Hello .
This is Fady Fawzy fadlallah  lawyer from Egypt.
I can imagine how things can badly happend .
Offcource I can assist you with divorce even if He don't want to.

I want you to keep a copy of the marriage certificate. His id copy or passport. Get ready to open a case infront of court .
If you are not in Egypt. You will make an authorization for a lawyer through the foreign affairs and embassy.  here you can make it and it will be cheaper for you .

Are you involved in any material disputewith him ? Are you allowed to travel  or banned from travelling.? What's his job and where he is from?
When last time you visited Egypt? When last to.e you asked him to divorce and what was his reply? Is your marriage  certificate registered at British embassy? Did his visa got refused to return with you  ? You just need to get ready .

Good luck .you can obtain your divorce by court

Nothing as it is a private property owned by you. You can kick him out any time even before divorce.

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