SAUDI MOH mutual transfer

I am working as a nurse in primary health center in ABHA region .i would like to get transfer to al hasa,jubail,or kurzaniya in damam region or riyadh.Anybody is interested please contact me...

Yes please I am in khubar I am interesting can you provide me about funds plZ

Dear  sir please contact me ***  regarding for Moh mutual transfer

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Hi Dhanya anand, Is there any possibility to transfer from ur MOH to SOP.
Do u want to transfer to any other hospital in Abha.


Dear all my self ghousia begum working in mecca MOB nurse  I need mutual transwer to dammam khobar dhahran. please any body interested to transfer  contact me

Iam working as a staff nurse in husband is working in riyad..i want a mutual transfer from  to riyad...pls help me...

I want to transfer to abha

Are you interested to come in hail....just reply me...

Hai anybody willing to mutual transfer from abha or aseer region  to gassim please msg me i am from  gassim buraidah

I am working as a staff nurse in MADINA PHC (MOH). Am looking for a mutual transfer to any MOH hospital in Yanbu .If anybody interested please contact me

Hello, My Wife working at Buraidah Maternity and Children's Hospital(SOP) wants a transfer to any hospitals in Jeddah. If anyone interested, please let me know.

Hai friends..., any HOP Staff nurse willing to mutual transfer from Dammam to Riyadh.
Please contact me....


Any body willing to trsnsfer gassim from abha or aseer region

Hi. My wife is presently working at buraidah MOH. If anybody willing to transfer  to buraidah from jubail, dammam or khobar. let me know. Please contact :***

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Hai.....I need mutual transpher from hail to dammam .if anyone interested please message me

Hi Everyone,
Be inform you that , Myself Asmi Nazarkhan working as a Staff Nurse at King Abdul Aziz Hospital ,Makkah(Inside Haram) . I wish to to transfer from Makkah To Riyadh .If anyone intersted to transfer from Riyadh to Makkah please let me know

yes interested my wife working in Dammam -Al Kafji General Hospital

Hi all,
I am working in Jeddah al lith hospital (HOP) i need to move Riyadh any hospital due my husband working in Riyadh. If anybody wants to transfer to Jeddah from Riyadh please message me.

Revyou interested to come in hail
If yes please reply me

Sorry. My husband is working in Riyadh. So that i trying for transferring to Riyadh only

Anybody willing to transfer gassim buraidah from abha or khamish please message me

Good day! Are you interested to transfer to abha? I want  riyadh/dammam/khobar

Yes I am intrested abha but i am working gassim here to riyadh 2 hrs only by the train sister

Hi. My wife is presently working at Riyadh AL Yamamah Child and Maternity hospital (MOH). If anybody willing to transfer  to Riyadh from jubail, dammam or khobar. let me know. Please contact :***

Could you please explain here anyone successfully done the Transfer Process? And joint another Region with mutual transfer because we have replacement available for Transfer from Dammam –Kafji to Buraydh Al Qaseem area but as per Qaseem Health Cluster Guys saying now Mutual transfer not available. Anyone have experience about it please describe it here ASAP.

Both of moh or sop or hop in same means possible i think

Anybody willing to transfer to gassim from abha or aseer region please msg me

As per Qaseem Health Cluster now they are not allowing Mutual Transfer Since 3 months before
employees can Resign or Complete there respective regions contract and Directly join here  with new Job # with the approval of there Current Heal Director Affairs. 

if anyone have more about this or Successfully Done the Mutual transfer kindly share there experience here it is easy to help others


MOH Approves Transfer of 2,915 Employees
30 April 2015
The Ministry of Health's (MOH) Agency of Human Capital Planning and Development issued several resolutions to implement the first e-transfer movement for this year, which included 2,915 employees, representing 43.5% of the total number of applicants, recording 6,698, who applied for various job categories available at the MOH.

The Deputy Minister of Health for Human Capital Planning and Development, Dr. Emad bin Ali Al-Jahdali, explained that such a movement included internal, external and mutual transfers, which were done electronically based on the approved criteria of differentiation, pointing out that the MOH requested the transferred employees to assume their new jobs within 15 days from this date.

Dr. Al-Jahdali added that the MOH's transfer movement is carried out in two periods, whether it was within the region or province, or among health affairs directorates in regions and provinces.

Proceeding from the MOH's keenness to achieve the principle of justice among its employees willing to be internally transferred in the region or externally to other health affairs directorates, the transfer process is done electronically.

The MOH Portal is pleased to communicate with all employees covered by the transfer movement via the following link:, in addition to sending SMS to them.

bro i think this publications was old,i directly visit recently Qaseem Health Cluster as per them the details i drop here.

I dont know exactly brother I also trying to mutual transfer

Could you pls come on PM

Hi Dears
Anyone interested to Transfer from Abha or Dammam - Al Kafji to Al Qaseem/Buraydha area .

Are you ok for Al Qaseem/Buaydha area from here to Riyadh only 3 Hours by Car and Train 1 Hour


Anybody willing to transfer to buraidah from khamish mushayat please messase me


I am Melwin Mathew and my wife is working in Maternity and Children's Hospital, Buraidah under HOP. We are looking for someone who have interested for mutual transfer from Buraidah to Riyadh, for that we are ready to provide good complementary. Please let me know in ***

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Hai melwin.. My wife trying for a mutual transfer from buraida to riyadh.... She is working in buraida MCH...

Hello Brother. Thanks for the message. My wife is also working in Buraidah and she needs a transfer to Riyadh, but still not yet received any offer.