Sadara Interview & salary

I have been asked to appear for an interview at Sadara. Before I go I would like to have an insight about Sadaras compensation package components and how they are structured. I am already on an expat package so I want to make sure I ask for the right things
I am a Pakistani national so do they have different pay scales for different nationalities?
What are the allowances besides basic, housing and transportation? like expat allowance ?
how much do they normally pay in transportation and housing?
how do they pay for schooling?
any other benefits you know of.

Any general guidance will be appreciated. thanks

the offer will depend on your currently salary plus 5-15%


I am going for interview with Sadara (Instructional designer - L&D) in London in 2 weeks and just wanted to ask about the offer from Sadara. You mentioned 'current salary plus 5-15%'. Is that net salary plus a percentage? I am in the UK (in the 40% tax bracket) and paying NI too. Just wonder how they put their offer together and how much detail do they actually go into.

From 2009-2013 I worked in KSA for a basic take-home of 125% of what I have now. Realistically, I would be looking to match that. Don't want to be greedy really.

From experience, is that a reasonable strategy when at the negotiation stage?


after being here for awhile, I have realized its what you can negotiate on the day and you can decline the offer until very very last min i.e. just before boarding the plane :-).  but having said that i would not do something like this.

Cheers. Thanks for the heads-up.

Hi All
I am sam,  My friend got job offer(HSE OFFICER) from DODSAL for Petrorabigh Project.... They offered salary : Basic Salary:SR 4590/ Month+ Special Allowance: SR 2010/ Month. Total: SR 6600( 10 Hour Duty Time) + Free Food+ Accom only. NO other Benefits....

My friend , having 16+Years Experience{14+years in safety including 2years oil&gas experience in Kuwait + 2Years in Chemical field}.
Plz ans my Q
1. Is it good salary in current trend