I have a tattoo. What should I do?

I have this wonderful teaching opportunity this September in Khobar. I will be teaching  elementary grades.   I like the offer and i wanted to give it a try but i have a tattoo on my right hand just above my thumb,  1x 7 cm in size,  a spanish phrase " Mi Amor" with an arrow forming a heart between Mi and Amor.  i had this two years ago.  I know that tattoo is harram in Islam.  What should I do?  I badly need advice.

Hi @Clara Amor, I have a female friend working as a nurse with visible tattoos on her hands/arms. She didn't face issues at work or outside. Well aside from the occasional ogles from others.

She's not a Muslim, maybe that's part of the reasons she's not facing problem with it? Also, I think Khobar is quite relaxed when it comes to different cultures/individualities.

Thank you so much Modjo.  I appreciate it a lot.  at least  im not that  anxious anymore 😉

I work in Riyadh at the hospital and most of the nurses have a tattoo. Dont worry you will not face any issues even if you are a Muslim but try to cove it at least

Thank you Essanyol. i will surely bring concealer just in case. I appreciate ur advice

Do not worry its not a problem

Thank you for the response.

You'll be fine, I work in a hospital, there is few nurses and docs who have tattoos and they're fine

It is not an issue anymore. I'm Saudi and I I have Saudi friends with Tattoos, never had a problem.
And welcome to Khobar. Feel free to ask for any help.

Thank you so much.  I appreciate very much.

Thank you so much.

Same situation, i was offered to teach for elementary students in Yanbu, but i have a 2x2 tattoo on my wrist. Im kinda hesitant to give it a shot because they might reject me later for having a tattoo. Can I have an update about your situation right now?