Labor case in Labor court and lawyer fees?

Whats the average timeline for unfair dismissal case being heard in labor courts? Does anyone have recommendations on a good lawyer and their fee (estimate)

Assalamo alaikum dear.

      I made a case against my previous employer against my pending salaries and rights. since two years the case has been finalized and the judgment came in favor of mine. however, for 2 years, the previous company has not paid me the full amount. every two to three months they release a payment of 1000 up to 3000 against the judgment.
due to this for two years I have collected only 24 % of the total amount.
my question is this, how I can force the company to pay me the remaining amount in one shot?

Am a housedriver. I came here june4 2019.
Since there i drive gmc without estimara and numberplate car. 5 times police pick  the vehicle and one time got mukalafa 1150 riyal. And at the home they don't give me the time to eat or sleep. And they say if i don't take that car they don' t give me the salary.. Now they say i give that mukalafa 1150. And my kafeel daughter bite me with her chappel.. What will i do now

Make proof via mobile and complain at labor cort

I am bulldozer opter.My visa is of house driver and I have been here for four months but Kafeel is not even giving iqamah. I want to go to another company.