Abdullah Abdul Mohsin AlKhodari Sons Company

Abdullah Abdul Mohsin AlKhodari Sons Company, I have got an offer from them, just wanted to know what do you think of the company itself?

I've heard of this company and they said this is a huge one. That means, you are safe and in good hands...


From their website, they look like a big company with a capital of half a billion SAR.

Because of the nature of their business, I don't think you'll find many who'd know them. Do check out for their employees on linkedin.com

By the way, your package it too low. It will be hard for you to make ends meet.

dont judge the company on thier website because sometimes it doesnt reflect in reality like what happened to me last year i tought the company is amazing because they have amazing website convincing mission and vision and company profile but when im already hired by this company they were my GRAde A pain in the ass.

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I was going to say hey why don't you post your weight and height as well, and lo and behold, they are also part of the CV  :rolleyes:

Why do South Asians think it is ok to post highly personal information in public?