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It seems they want to register all Engineers working in Saudi Arabia but the problem they are very slow in processing the documents. Are you ready for this? my iqama will expire next 2 months and my company is requiring me to submit the SCE certification for iqama renewal. I submitted my application 3 weeks ago but still no message from SCE if failed or need to submit additional information or what???  Expect volume of applicants before you implement it so that expats will not suffer on this turtle processing. I hope it will reach SCE about it. Process in urgent manner.

I had the same case before and the best way to solve this is by personal contact. In case of your application process, the webpage is quite descriptive regarding the documents you may upoad. Be aware that they might request a translation of your diplomas if they are not in english nor arabic and also your country's government stamp which proof you're not faking anything. You can check if your documents are OK or not by logging in their webpage or calling to the main office in Riyadh (all contacts will be on this page but you may need some help if you can't read arabic). At this point you will need your application number for querying. Another thing to keep in mind is that they rely on your email and specially in the cellphone number you give them to contact you, making you a headache if you misspell them online. It would be also helpful to visit their local office in Dammam Highway just to follow up paperwork directly. Keep in mind that everytime you submit something they will take from 3 to 5 days to answer. Hope this helps, good luck.

Thank you for your reply. Can you give me little detail to reach Saudi Council of Engineer in Dammam office. Is it near in McDonald or near in Carrefour?

It's in Dammam Expressway, near a Jarir Bookstore, a Hyundai office and in front of Dawah Office Dammam.

Dear Friends,

Even I have submitted my all documents to SCE 15 days before but there is no reply from SCE and even i dont know the status? and i tried to call SCE office no body is lifting the phone. I dont know how many days it will take to respond.

Can any body know usual time to respond our applications?


Was just skipping through the forum to find this topic, and yes, I am going through the same procedure.. I just hope it will be a smoth one..submitted my documents few days back only..

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hi friends,
i want to register with SCE for visa renewal purpose. can you please help me to guide which documents are required to submit the file and the web address of SCE for online apply? Thanks a lot for guidance.

imran amir wrote:

hi friends,
i want to register with SCE for visa renewal purpose. can you please help me to guide which documents are required to submit the file and the web address of SCE for online apply? Thanks a lot for guidance.

please follow these threads.. just click the link above..

hope it would help you.

hi friends
what is the procedure to register as professional engineer in saudi engineering council.
please tell,


What is the procedure Saudi Council of Engineers follow when they verify documents in Countires other than Saudi Arabia?

For Example: I am from India, so what will be the procedure and how long will it take?

Is anyone aware about the procedure, if yes, then please explain.

I am very happy and thankful I'm a part of this association. Can you pls. help me to guide which documents are required to submit the file and the web address of SCE for online apply ? thanks' hoping for a prompt action.

please check the thread. the answer was written above.

Dear i m from Pakistan.I want to register with saudi council of engineers bt i want to know that documents which needs to be uploaded on their site from where these documents should be attesed plz do reply if u know it will be a great favor for me....

I do not know the purpose of this registration. But then I have to follow since I'm working here. I have submitted my papers more than a month now and haven't got not even a word from them. the process is toooooooo slow. Typical in this country....

I had worked in a licensing department in one hospital in Abu Dhabi before, and the process is so much similar to what they're doing here now in Saudi Arabia. I was in charge of nursing and midwifery licenses there. I believe that the SCE license is now being required to ensure a minimum standard for all those who wish to work here as an engineer.

Part of the criteria to qualify for the SCE license is engineering education certificate, home country registration and a certain amount of experience (determined in years - either one or two as the minimum requirement). The reason it takes time for a NEW SCE license is partly because of the verification process.

In Abu Dhabi, prior to the licensing process is the verification process by Dataflow (previously Integrascreen).

I suppose that the verification process here includes the verification of the engineering education certificate, home country license/registration and the professional employment certificates. If one institution does not respond to a call made by "Dataflow / Integrascreen" or any other verification body, they will send a person to actually make a visit to that school or company or home country licensing body to verify the truthfulness of the details indicated in the certificate presented by the applicant for SCE license. The more certificates you present, the longer the verification process is. So it is advisable to present only the minimum required.

After the verification process comes the licensing process, which is rather quick. When the license is done, a copy of that license/registration is forwarded to the labor ministry for issuance of labor permit. Those who work as engineer must bear a license to work as an engineer.

So I hope you understand now the process.

My name is Raja Ponpandian

In January 2011 i make registration for Saudi council of Engineers, So this year 2014 January my membership finished. But the problem now i change the company so my iqama number and mobile number all changed and i dont know my user name password and membership number. So please guide me how i can make renewal of my membership

Please if anyone explain me gow to get my user name & password and membership number it will be very much appreciated.

Raja Ponpandian

Dear Mr. Raja Ponpandian, you can visit Saudi Council of Engineers office. They can trace your previous membership # through your old iqama#.