TV Show about Expats & Real Estate is looking for participants!

Are you a native English speaker? Are you buying or renting a home in Bulgaria?
We'd like to put your story on TV! We are looking for energetic individuals, couples, and families who are passionate about their search for a new home or vacation property abroad. We’re always on the lookout for upbeat ...personalities and interesting stories. If this sounds like you, apply now!

If you are interested in being on the show, please send me a private message.

A couple of questions come to mind, the first being ..... will you be paying the talent?

I know many people are far to subtle and polite to ask but I'm pretty sure most will be thinking it.

I'm from Yorkshire so I can ask without fear of being considered rude and crass because I'm rude and crass so I don't care.  :D

After that, where will the show be aired?

Hi I am simon I live in Plovdiv! I am from l
London originally my story is quite interesting as I first started my search in
NW Bulgaria 🇧🇬 but ends in Plovdiv

Hi everyone,

@ Justynairena, could you please drop an advert in the Bulgaria classifieds under the Testimonies category so that interested members may contact you easily ?

thanks in advance,

Thank you for the suggestion. I have just done it.

@ Fred

There is compensation for being on the show. It is rather for the time devoted than for talent as it is a reality TV.

The show is aired first in the US and than sold to various countries worldwide.

Hi my husband (52 yrs) , son (20yrs) and myself (60 yrs) are currently interested in a ranch type property in south Central Bulgaria near Greek border. We will be moving our 4 pedigree Great Dane  dogs, 2 horses, 4 Sphynx cats, 2 birds, fish and Sulcutta tortoise. We will be selling our 4 bed property and land in UK. I drive one of my horses everywhere  (where poss ) and we model the male Great Dane with a animal modelling agency. we are looking for the  "good life"!

We are in the northwest near Montana and have been here for 6 years having escaped the 'corporate rut' in the UK! We love it and would NEVER consider going back to the UK for so many reasons.

We have many good friends who are Bulgarian locals and also other Ex Pats who live locally.
Property prices here are low and the cost of redevelopment is also low because of the low wages paid locally. Typically we pay 5 Lev per hour for building labour and 3 Lev for garden work and of course if you are willing to do some of the redev. work yourself, the costs comes down even more.

So really CAN live the 'goodlife' here!

I write books and I help my wife with her charity

Any info required just ask and if we can help...we will!


Did you find your agent with personality?
I can recommend an amazing independent

Hi, I'm John
I'm a former trucker, non conformist, free spirited bloke who found himself faced with a dead end scenario in England at the height of the financial crash. Specifically, take a 5 grand pay cut and die by a thousand cuts or....tell the Boss to shove it, sell everything and escape somewhere better to live.
With my girlfriend we did just that. Sold the house, quit our jobs, loaded the car with everything we could carry and set off on a 2500 mile road trip to find a new life. Not too different from the pioneers heading West in search of gold!
Ultimately, this brought us to Bulgaria, we love it here and would never even consider going back to the high pressure couldron that modern life has become in the UK. Everyone on this site knows the reasons they love it here, they are legion. It's an adventure without limits, it's a combination of the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and the Ewan McGregor/ Charley Boorman motorbike adventure, Long Way Round.
Only it's better because it's real. There's no fixed timescale, it carries on for as long as we want it to.
And why wait till we're all past it to experience the challenges and rewards of a new life abroad!
To that end, I wrote a book about our story, the reasons behind it and the opportunities that present themselves here. … earch=true

Maybe the TV shows charge us? Is there any fees to promote the products using TV programme?

Have you started your filmig schedule yet. If not hold the bus and wait till my partner and I get back to Bg. We have a house we bought in Sinapovo in the south east. If you want effed up craziness on your show we are the ones to have a fly on the wall at. We are most definitely not straight laced conformist types. If there is a bargain to be had a pound/Stinky to be made we can turn air to gold. Sell ice to an Eskimo or Sand to a surfer. I can make anything from anything I'm just that kind of guy and with the crazy backup from my partner Dawn we overcome and conquer anything. Uk is most definitely out the equation.

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