Been offered a job: Is this salary package generous?

I'm a teacher/ middle leader with many years' experience. I'm from the UK.

I've been offered a job with the following package p/m:

1525 BHD
650 BHD housing allowance
Return flight annual
End of service gratuity

Will this be enough for a family of four? How much might we be able to save whist enjoying a decent standard of living?

Please let me know if you can...


Kindly go through the below mentioned links which should give you an idea about the cost of living in Bahrain.  : Definitive Guide to Bahrain for New Expats : cost of living … 1#p2522261 : cost of living area wise

good luck


No the salary is not generous to support a family of 4 unless there is anything else included in the package? Medical, schooling, car allowance, relocation budget for shipping your belongings?  You will need a car and rental for that will be around 150BD per month. I would budget around 1000BD minimum including water and electric for a part furnished villa on a reasonable compound with a pool so the children have somewhere to play. The cost of living has gone up here quite a bit recently, especially alcohol and utilities! Happy to answer any questions if you pm me.

I guess , its OK salary , not very good  but not bad too.

Someone I know pretty well banks about the same salary for a teaching position here. With a family of four, "enjoy" isn't the word you might use for the standard of living that would afford. Things would be tight and you could pretty much forget about any decent savings.

Don't forget to factor in your relocation costs (at both ends of the contract) as well as the fact that the family will expect to have a decent holiday somewhere at least once a year. If you were committed on living on a compound, you would spend a ton on housing (see prices above). A three bed flat would probably set you back around 6-800 furnished.You're going to save virtually nothing but it would be an interesting cross-cultural experience.

And if you're working for BSB, you will have to face their formidable HR machine which is not for the faint-hearted.

Hi - your housing allowance needs to be double . .
I am not a teacher, am admin for a private business.  My Salary is not as high as yours. My housing allowance is 500 - I add the difference on the rent myself to be somewhere suitable to my needs.  In some places, rents are inclusive of the utilities and tax, in others [happening more and more] rents are exclusive of utilities and tax.
Depends a lot too on what kind of accommodation you want.
Flats most fully furnished are readily available.
Houses [called Villas here] can be rented in a compound / gated community, or privately.
Most rentals provide you with, Air Con, Fridge, washing machine & dryer.  Some have a microwave as well.   They call it part furnished.
So no need to pay out shipping those items from overseas.  Those items are also reasonable price in the big department stores if you want to buy any.
Be choosy about the suburbs you decide to rent in.  PM me.
I admin a few houses - PM if you have any other questions.

I can also put you in touch with some reliable agents.

Smiles - M

I want this job.can you tell me more abut this job

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