How much is a good salary in Bahrain (job in finances)

Hi all,

I have recently been contacted by a company based in Manama. I went through few interviews and  they will send me the final proposal next week. Now time for real show... how much is a good salary over there? I asked for 3.000 BHD, is that enough to live and save money?
Thanks and any advice will be welcomed ;)

Depends on your qualification, experience and industry.  In addition, also depends if you are here with family or living alone.

If you are by yourself then it is a good salary to have a comfortable living.  Make sure they cover medical as that is expensive.

Hi! Thanks for your response!
The sector is fintech and the position is senior. I will be there only with my fiance and dog :)
Regarding to medical insurance I asked for it and it's granted.  But do you think with that salary I could save a goo punhc of money? I mean services such as mobile, telephone, gas, electricity, etc are mor expensive than in Europe or UK?

Don't know your years of experience but generally that salary range is for people above 7-8+ years of experience in managerial positions. Is that basic salary or total cash?  if basic, then it's pretty good (assuming housing and car is on top of that).

Either way, it's still a good package as you won't have kids education expenses to deal with for now.  In terms of services; most are on par or in some cases higher than the developed world.  But then again, you don't have taxes taken out of your income so there is that.

Roughly (and other threads here have more information on living costs):

Housing  - Range between 500 to a 1000 BD per month depending on apartment or villa
Electricity - Again as per above will range between full year average of 30 to 100 per month
Mobile - 30-50 BD per month
Home internet - 20-60 BD per month
Groceries - 100 to 300 BD per month
Eating out - 100 to 300 BD per month
Cars/Fuel - 2-300 BD+ per month per car depending on whether lease or purchase and car type.  As an example, on my two cars for a 2 year loan, I used to pay 1200 BD per month (Audi/Jeep) 

As you can see, you should be able to save but how much really depends on what lifestyle you adopt.  I know people in that salary range who save nothing and others who save half of their salary.

Thanks so much for all the info! It's gold to me!

Let's see how the things move on.

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