Is 350 BHD enough to Live in Bahrain?

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I got a job offer for 350 BHD. Bachelor Accommodation given by company, no transport as residence is within walking distance to the company, so my basic needs will be vegetarian food, phone and simple regular groceries. So anyone can guide me that is this salary good or worth to move to Bahrain. I'm planning to take this offer as I'm jobless right now.



Not a bad offer. But all depends on your age and the dependents. For a fresher this is a good offer.


My age is 38yrs. Dependents at home Parents and Wife, no kids. What do you mean by fresher ?? Career wise or first time in Bahrain or Gulf country ? I'm a Digital Print Operator with 7 yrs experience. I was asking for 400bhd but company offered 350 bhd as last with increment in 6 months based performance but I don't believe that they will give increment. I have never worked in Gulf or UAE.

If your living a very moderate lifestyle you will need about 100 for the monthly expenses, Bare in mind medical is very expensive in Bahrain, if you can request your company to provide medical insurance it would be good.

just read through these posts: : cost of living 2018  : Definitive Guide to Bahrain for New Expats : cost of living … 1#p2522261 : cost of living area wise


Something is better than for nothing, right now you dont have any job so better to come here.... cost of living its depend on your status what would like to prefere..

The good thing is you will get company accomodation (free).. and the food and other expeense of a common-man around 100bhd but again its depend on your own status that how would you like to survive your self..

best wishes and best of luck and I'm here to welcome you any time:)

Yes brother something is better than nothing. I totally understand that it depends on me that how will I Controll my expenses. Thankyou for reply.

I have heard that we have to buy bottled water for drinking in Bahrain? Is it true and what is the cost of bottled water.

What are the mobile and internet packages.

How much can veg meal cost 3 or 4 course or at least lunch and dinner or what is the cost of Tiffin service.


Thank you

Almost tiffin cost for 3 times meal (including meat) of desi food around 50 to 70 bhd, you can negotiate with any of the resturant which is nearest from your accomodation,  mobile pkgs almost monthly 10-20 bhd (its upon you..)

watter bottle 1.5 liter is .200 bhd like i m using almost 25bottle in a month and its around 5 bhd .....

one more thing keep in mind that medicine cost in bahrain is much higher......

What will be the cost of a small 1 BHK in a fairly location. I donot want in Porsche location.
I need a room, Wash room and a small kitchen only ( bachelor)

anywhere between 100-200BD (unfurnished)


How many toilets and bathroom does 1 bhk or 2 bhk or 3 bhk have?. Do buildings and flats have centralised AC or individual AC's.

Will depend, i suggest you come down and check it for yourself.

How do you cope with heat in summers. Can you pls tell me that do buildings and flats have centralised AC or have Regular AC. Heat is the only thing I'm scared about I cannot handle heat very well. How does one or you shower in summer as tap water will be extremely hot?? Sorry for asking such stupid questions but do reply if possible.

bro, am in Bahrain for 9 months now.
trust me, even i was very calculative when i got here.. and even had a lot of questions just like you.
I would suggest you to relax first.. Bahrain is just like a metro in india..
350 is good for you to begin with.. to live a good enough life with savings..
grab in some gcc expreience, eventually ul start climbing the ladder..
I started with 250bhd plus accomodation and transport.. things go on pretty well..
you will take a few weeks to months to settle and blend in..

only thing is this place can be pretty boring, incase you have had alife before with lot of friends and activities.. But even that, you will get used to!
after all, moving away involves quite some sacrifices..

best of luck to you

Hi Veeraj

Thanks for replying. Salary and lifestyle is fine as I will have to adjust according to that plus we have to sacrifice something for better career. The only thing I was worried is about heat and summers, it's a bit easy to adapt winters but it becomes difficult to cope with heat in summers and as everyone says it gets extremely hot in summers.


I would say thats otherewise..
heat is kind of bearable inside the house.. but its the cold is not :P

Pls answer this...

Do buildings and flats have centralised AC or individual AC in all rooms. What about kitchen, bathroom and toilet if not then it must be really hot to use them in summers. What about tap water because in summers tap water must be very hot making it impossible to use or bathe, so how do you cope with that.

In summers what is the monthly electricity bill for 2bhk or 3bhk flat.


Most of the accommodation includes ewa (thats electricity and water)
Few of them have a limited use. That is you only pay the difference utilised above the limit. Others have  Ewa Seperate. So you can search accomodations as per your needs.

Buildings here generally have either split or window AC only in the bedrooms..
you will get used to the warm/hot temperatures... ITs advised to stay inside the house during summer. As the air quality is also not great. especially people with breathing problems.

yeah, waters from taps and showers will be very hot at times. You can collect water in a bucket the previous night, and bath in the morning or vice versa, to cool it down a bit.

I think Tap water will be scorching hot at all times in summer so if 4 or 5 people are staying in shared accommodation every one will keep 1 or 2 buckets filled with water to cool down till morning or a common big drum of water which can be used by everyone. This is a serious issue as you will not be able to bathe or even take a satisfactory dump because of scorching hot waters in tap.

Seriously buddy I'm really scared about how I'll manage in summers. Or I'll just drop the idea of coming to Bahrain or any GCC country.


Hi Veeraj

What is monthly bill for Electricity / Water / Gas and Municipality tax in peak summers.



Be aware that EWA subsidy is being removed gradually since the last 2 years.  The last bit of removal is in Q1 2019. 

So this means that electricity costs for expats (and locals having more than one residence) have literally tripled for the same consumption.  I live in a Villa and I used to pay a maximum of around 150 BD per month in peak summer.  This year, the maximum went to 400 BD!!!

People who live in apartments can advise but those rates have also gone up - nowhere near villas but still.    As a result, landlords are strictly enforcing consumption limits in new rentals i.e. you pay over and above the monthly or annual limit.

oh ya.. forgot about the new thing! Coming January, new rental agreements will be exclusive of EWA. A Couple of my friends are already informed about this by their landlords.

And most importantly, everything will be Taxed at 5%. (VAT). effective january 1, 2019


Bills will depend on the usage...
If you stay in a sharing apartment/room The bill will be split equally..
summer tops for splitting with 4people is around 40bhd.
but again, depends on the usage..

Ok so utility bills (electricity/water/gas) will increase by what percentage??

Also all the things will be more costly as you said that everything will be taxed at 5% VAT. So in 2018 if your monthly expenses is 100bhd then in 2019 it might go upto 150bhd or maybe more than that??

bro.. 5% vat on the prices.. Am not sure if utility bills are taxed..
VAT is generally for goods and services.

If something costed 100INR, it would be 105INR after VAT
Similarly, if it costed 1BHD it would be 1.05BHD

Hi Veeraj

I know VAT will not be on Utility bills, but as you can see someone with name of XTan posted in this thread that from Jan2019 government subsidy on EWA bills will be removed so that's why I asked that what will be impact on Utility bills after removal of Subsidy.

What is the amount of monthly regular Utility bills in peak summer.

I also understand that after 5% of VAT if any item is 1 bhd it's price will increase to 1.05 bhd, my concern was that VAT will affect on total monthly expenses like groceries, food, mobile recharges etc so at the end of month maybe expenses will increase upto 5 to 10bhd.

Regards … er-tariffs

This is the breakup



Dear I only ask what is the average monthly utility bill for a 2 bhk or 3 bhk flat in peak summer. Just give me an amount that average will be 30 to 50 bhd or so...

How do you cope with hot water in taps in summer, I mean how do you use it for shower and other purposes. How do you cool it.


Depends on lot of conditions 2BHK peak summer upto 70BHD (approx) (old tariff)

I avoid using shower in peak summer, collect water in a bucket allow it cool down a bit and use it. … calculator


Seriously you don't shower in summer season how do you survive in such hot weather. I live in Mumbai and shower 2 times in Day all round the year. Even now it's winter and I shower 2 times as I sweat too much.

What i meant was, i collect the water in a bucket allow it to cool down and use that to take a bath.


Can you guide me on Medicines. What kind of medicines are allowed to bring in Bahrain from India. Regular meds for Headaches, BP, Cold, Fever, Stomach Ache. How can I find out which medicines can I bring.

I would appreciate if you help me out or guide me on this.


Hi Veeraj

Can you guide me on Medicines. What kind of medicines are allowed to bring in Bahrain from India. Regular meds for Headaches, BP, Cold, Fever, Stomach Ache. How can I find out which medicines can I bring.

I would appreciate if you help me out or guide me on this.

Regards … ZFazk%253D



What is the cost of drinking water??

19liter bottle costs between 800fills-1BHD depending on area, other sweet water options are also available.

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