Working To Seef - salary + cost of living?

Hello, Everyone!

I was offered a job in Seef at Byblos Consultant and offered me a monthly salary that inludes Transportation allowance and House rental.

In my contract header it states Dania for Shares W.LL, I would like to know if such company really exist bcoz i cant find it in internet only the Byblos Consultant is searchable.

also how much is the rental for house/room.
is it safe to live in seef since im a female and its my first time to work overseas.

can you help me on how is life and working condition there for females.

I would appreciate if you can give me pointers on cost of living such as house rentals, mode of transportation and food cost.

It really my first time to your there in bahrain.

is there any restriction for females?like in saudi?

pls advice me.

thank you

To answer some of your other questions;

Car rent per month - varies depending on type (I'll use Mazda as an example) - 150BD for Mazda 2, 170BD Mazda 3, 240BD Mazda 6, 300BD Mazda CX5, 500BD Mazda CX9

Of course you can negotiate.

Fuel depends how much you use - 100fils per litre (1BD for 10litres) so a full tank is around 5BD

Taxi seems to be about 500fils for a km

Food shop depends how much you each, but if you eat fresh it's fairly cheap. If you eat branded stuff it's a little more expensive and then meals out vary. My family (2 adults and a boy) spend less than 100BD a week. Although a lot of that is branded foods and eating out.

Apartments vary again. You will need to search somewhere like to see depending on what you prefer and where you want to live.

Maybe don't restrict yourself to Seef. There are a lot of nice areas around Seef too which open up your options.

Everything is very local here. I fussed about location when I was choosing a house and soon realised that actually I didn't need to.

from the very far end of bahrain to the other end will only take 1 and a half hour journey if i remember clearly.
if you drive, it will be no problem at all.

and yes, it's very free in bahrain. i even run in short pants and no one bother about you at all.

Great advise already given above. I only wish to add one thing:

Please make sure you check out your potential employer before signing up and coming to Bahrain. Some of these employers are start-ups and may not have recurrent business to pay running expenses like salaries and so on. So do check well.

I have a job offer from a leading IT Consultant Company in Bahrain. They are offering me 350 BD / Month (all inclusive such as basic +transportation and accomodation allowance).
Can anyone please let me know:

1. At what level is this kind of salary offered ?
2. Is this salary sufficient for 1person to lead a decent lifestyle?
3. What is the average rent of a furnished room rental?
4. what is the saving potential in the given salary ?

Your Help and Insight will Be so much appreciated

Thank you

JUST FORGET ...I bedroom Apt in Seef will itself cost you between 350 to 400 BD p.m

I would suggest that you have a look at this thread which should answer most of your questions:
Cost of Living

Is the company paying for your medical insurance or are you expected to cover that?

I cannot give you a definitive answer since we all have different life styles and so spend different amounts on our social lives etc.

All the best


Thank you for all your feedback. Im excited to work and have a life their in bahrain.

I hope It will be a success to me.

I am really Grateful to all of you.

:)  :heart:  :top:

Hello all

> [at] Claud18 : The more recent threads on the forum section Cost of living in Bahrain may shed some light on your query too

Kenjee Team

350BD/ month 😳
That's most of your accomodation unless you decide to rent a room somewhere and not live alone or live somewhere really low key. I'm sure Seef rents would be pretty high.
Bahrain property world will give you an idea of rents.



Sir, you mean that salary being offered will only go to my house rent?

if thats the case i would not be able to survive with that salary...

Thanks for the insight.

Claud18 :



Sir, you mean that salary being offered will only go to my house rent?

if thats the case i would not be able to survive with that salary...

Thanks for the insight.

To be honest 350BD all include is pretty low. You will not be able to get a single room. All I can think of is sharing a room which cost about 150-180BD in Juffair area.

Hi, All!

Thank you for all your insights.

After thorough evaluation of the job offer to me, I decided not to pursue it for the employer was not that willing to disclose about the company.

I cant find the company in the internet he is declaring so I've ask him about his company and was answered in an ill mannered so I think you are right after all to check my employer before accepting it.

Thanks again for the advises.

I do hope to have a career opportunity there in bahrain.

Dear Claud18

I happened to read a post by your goodself  on my employer Dania for Shares W.L.L and it seems you think it is fake company. I am an Investment Specialist in the said company from 2011 after having worked in various parts of the world from London to India. Now I am a real person working in a real company though my employer does not have a website and does not want to show-off. You can find me on this link ManjulaMathew/posts/p/

Coming to your salary, it was decent salary for the position offered to you and as rightly said by some to your query, you may live in other places and need not live in Seef. Instead of asking in a blog you would have contacted your embassy here in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Unfortunately you were not lucky to be part of our team

Hi Ms.

Are you now working at  Dania for Shares? and as what position because that same company offered me a job position at Bahrain. Kindly advise me if the company and the people is ok.. :) thank you

Hi Harlie,

The people and the company are good.



Hi Ms. Manjula,

How about the cost of living? is it good?
I'd like to pursue my application.
By the way thank you for your reply :).
Hope to see you there

On the cost of living, as everywhere you can live at low cost, medium  or in luxury.  Depends on your choice of lifestyle.

Hope this helps.

Best regards


Thank you Ms. Manjula :)

That is very low salary for everyhing included.. And Seef is expensive for renting a flat.. I guess you will go by taxi to work because you need time to pass the exam for driving lisence.. They will not issue driving lisence right away you need to pass the exam.. So taxi driverto arrange.monthly for 100 bhd minimum and renting a flat for let's say 100 bhd minimum if you share it with 2 others and food expenses 60 bhd minimum.. So for yourself only the basic salary will be around 70 bhd and that is 185 $
Is it worth coming from Phillipines leaving your homeland for the first time for 185 $ which you will probably spend it for clothes in city center when there is sale and part of it sending home.. So on a yearly basis maybe you can save let's say 1200 $
If this is your target amount for saving for a year than go for it..

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