Will my salary be enough to live a normal life in Bahrain?


My employer has given me the opportunity to move to Bahrain for at least 2 years. If I decide to accept I will move with my wife and 2 sons age 7 and 10. I will be moving from the UK.

The company will pay fully for the private school (British School) for both kids. My salary will be BD 2750 per month, the housing I have to pay myself. So from the BD2750, I will have to pay for a rental home.
I will be working most of the time from home, and I will be visiting clients. I will get a one time allowance of BD5000 to buy or rent a car.

I have never been in Bahrain and I don't really know what the price of living is. I don't live a luxury life, I drive an ordinary family car and we hardly ever eat out.

Will the BD 2750 per month be a reasonable salary to live on for a family with 2 kids?

Thank you for any advice!


2750 per month is excellent if they're paying school fees.

You can get a nice furnished flat around 400-500 BHD pm
5000 BHD will get you a good sedan 2011+ model or just pay a bit extra and get a brand new car.

in worst cases, you're left with 1500 BHD per month on personal entertainment
that's almost 3000 GBP take home money tax free...i don't know about your situation in the UK, but that looks good to me.

There are a few things you need to consider.
These are purely based on my experience and may not issues for your family.

1.   you need separate allowance for school fees.
you will pay about 2800 BD for both kids three times a year. If your company will not support you these fees will be from your salary.

2.   compounds near British school will be starting from 700 bd/m. Most of compounds will be over 1000 bd/m. you can leave in Saar or Janabiya where the opposite side of the main Highway to get 500 - 600 bd/m apartment. In this case traffic to school and from school will be very stressed.

3.   you can get a new car with 5000 bd (small sedan). most of the family have two cars but only one car may be enough for you because you will be working at home?

4.   there are some other allowances like annual air tickets, health insurance, patrol allowance, phone allowance, extra .... to be agreed with your employer.

5. overall, your salary is ok to live on for a family with 2 kids but I believe you need to calculate living cost based on your life style.

Good luck.

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