What would be a good salary package For A IT Job ?


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I am currently a British student finishing my last year of a degree in computer science in London,
I have many Microsoft and CompTIA IT certificates and would love to relocate to Jeddah as I have been before and have family members out there. I can also understand and speak Arabic.
I have been working as a IT Support Engineer at a office in central London for 4 years whilst studying for my degree. So I should hopefully have 4 years experience and a degree by the end of this semester.

I am looking for a IT role as a Server Administrator or a Data centre engineer. I have been reading a few forum posts about salary packages and there hasn't really been any posts similar to me so I do not really know what to expect as a salary package. I would like to live a fairly good life in a big house hopefully.

Would there be someone ever so kind to help me find out what would be a good salary package for me I am single and hope to bring my Dad along with me.

Basic Salary: SAR
Housing Allowance: SAR
Transportation Allowance: SAR
Mobile Allowance: SAR
Quarterly Allowance: SAR



you can check this website




Thank you for the reply, however this website does not specify any salary or benifits and packages.


yes, actually bayt.com provides salary payouts based on positions in KSA, it would however take some  effort on your part  to search and find it.

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