Waiting for the Approval of my MVV

Finally, I'm back here and so happy to share that I passed the A1 exam, after 6 weeks of waiting.
Now, we're only waiting for the payment advice from IND and after, just waiting for the approval. Hoping that will have it approved this October and can spend my first Christmas in the Netherland with my partner.
Goodluck to those who also doing the same process as me!!!! VEEL SUCCES!!! :D

Hi, congratulations to you! How long did you wait for your result of exam ? And how's the Exam so far?

I got the result for exactly 6 weeks and 1 day. The exam was only basic so it's not so hard. The speaking is the one that's bit harder than the three but as long as you know lots of dutch vocabulary everything will be fine.

btw, Got the Positive advice of IND in 17days!! :)

congrats! so it does take that long for civic int exam results to come. they say within 8 weeks usually. i recently appeared for this exam in dubai.

can u pls tell me what docs are necessary for applying for mvv once i pass the exam?

Hi, Yes usually the result of the exam takes longer than the MVV Approval from IND. For the requirements needed please check ind.nl  or https://ind.nl/EN/individuals/family/Pages/default.aspx you can see there all the information in applying MVV visa. Goodluck!

Hi I have a question. How many days did you wait for the payment advice from the time you submit the application?

Hallo there all

It is about 5 working days at DUO

Hallo there Ismail.  Thank yoy for helping me.  My fiance stays already in almelo.  Was your a1 exams diffucult?


Not even close to hard ...

KNS 10/10
Speaking 9/10
Reading 8/10

Hi there Ismail,

I think it was also not hard at all, but for the speaking ??

We still need apply for the MVV but i am  little bit scared they will say no to me to stay in Netherlands.

Did you also have to go through this ?

Hi to every one... how long did it take to get your MVV sticker after been approved and you appear for your appointment, do finger print and drop passport off at the Dutch embassy in your country....

During my appearance in the Philippine Dutch embassy in manila was quick maybe less than an hour and I had biometrics.  They asked me to left my passport and after 7 working days i received it back through courier services. With the visa of course.

Thank you this is really helpful.

Hello everyone

I wish you all goodluck with mvv visa.

I have few questions...
Iam from turkey and iam married with a ducth lady and she have everything what they need for mvv and she applied 21 days ago and they send us a post that our application has received but deadline is 22 october wich is 90days is there anyone get soon results or still waiting for long time?
We have applied from rotterdam team.
Is there anyone who get rejected and why ?
After application approved what i have to do can anyone just share how it was .
Thanks good luck.

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

90 days is the maximum a visa application can be in the system without a response and after which the IND have to contact you and explain why it is taking longer.  Normal applications do not take this long, but we are now in the Bouwvak national holiday period, which effectively means the Dutch Government has gone to pot for 6 weeks with many Government offices on low-staffing levels.

Rejections are normally because the applicant has not supplied the requested information in the manner it was requested (so, notarized documents etc).

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Hi Cynic,
so the application process might be delayed because of the "Bouwvak holiday"!!
Could you plesae tell when this holiday starts and till when it lasts?!


Hi Cynic,

another question, i applied online for MVV, how to know which team is handling my application , because I heard the team in Den haag is relativity faster than team in Den Bosch !

Bouwvak is a regional thing, there are 3 regions; it runs from 23 July to 24 Aug this year; details are here.

jlasdhjashdajh :

Hi Cynic,

another question, i applied online for MVV, how to know which team is handling my application , because I heard the team in Den haag is relativity faster than team in Den Bosch !

You don't, they are allocated out to the regional offices from a central office.

Hi cynic,

I applied online on june 20, the deadline is september 18.. but still waiting for the approval. Its going to be almost 2 months now.. will the process take this long? Any cases have you heard about?


I've heard nothing untoward about the current MVV process.  Bouwvak happens every year and every year we get lots of people asking us pretty much the same questions.  All I can offer is:

The 90 days limit is enforced by IND;

90 days is normally only exceeded if there is an issue with the application, but you should receive communication explaining what the issue is;

No particular team is better than another;

Highly skilled applications always get priority in the Dutch visa system, it can influence the time it takes for the rest of us, but again, 90 days is still enforced;

If you have any specific questions about your application, you can contact the IND by phone and they have a Twitter account.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Thanks a lot for the reply

I have written my exam and passed. Now waiting for a positive response have been waiting for 4 week's now

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