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Hi everyone! I'm kin van Dijk from Philippines and married to a Dutch national. I have taken the Civic Integration exam last August 16 at the NL embassy manila and just waiting for the result from Duo. I would like to know if it's really 8weeks before I can the result? Have anyone experience this already? Thank you! :)

Hey there,
I took the exam Aug 15, 2016 and is also waiting for the result. :( i hope it's not 8weeks. Husband been reading about it, he said some received te result im 18days. I spoke with a woman from the embassy when i took the exam, she said she reeived it in 2weeks. Hopefully we get it this week.
Goodluck to us!

Yeah hoping it's not was your experience of the exam? Are you going to apply for mvv after? Would like to keep in touch with you.. Was bit nervous of the speaking how about u? U took the exam 3 days earlier than me.. :)

I meant 8 weeks hehehe..

I found it not so hard but ive been studying naar Nederland 9mos while i was pregnant, then focused on studying more 3mos while in NL with tourist visa. All our papers are ready for mvv just the result of the exam. We only just came back 10th of aug to ph (me and my daughter) and hope to go back to join hubby in few weeks. Really hope we hear from duo this week.
How about you, are you going to apply for mvv right away?

Oh wow ...9 months of studying, you must be very good in Dutch now.. I only studied a month that's why im a but nervous about the speaking but hopefully I'll pass. Yes we will apply MVV after getting the result. Good thing that all your requirements are ready, guess we have to do it too while waiting. Thanks!

Nee, was 9months but not full time, was just a hobby since i got nothing much to do during pregnancy. Im sure we will passed it. Keep us updated. Stil no email from duo :(

On average 4-5 weeks. You should check out the group on Facebook, can't remember the name though.

Aroud what time did you receive the email?
Did you receive it with the email address you registered with duo? Or also with the email address you provided at the embassy? Husband and i kept checking our email because we have no idea what time it will come..
Thanks in advance!

It can arrive at anytime of the day, depending on which part of the world you're at. I received mine at 4am while I was in Singapore. And it'll go to the email address you received the first email from DUO.

Hi there! I took the civic integration exam last August 10, 2016 and been waiting for the results until now. As I understand we need to wait 8 weeks the maximum to get the results and follow up the embassy after 8 weeks if we don't received any news from duo. I do hope we all get positive results so we will be reunited with our loved ones in Holland.

Hi Edenliza,

Hope you got your results already by now. I was reading that a lot of people who did their exams in August have not received their results. There's a major delay due to shortage of staff at DUO during the summer holidays. One member called DUO yesterday to enquire and they are only going through the Aug 15 week exams. You can call them if you haven't received yours after 8 weeks.

All the best!

Hi guys! I already received the results of my exam but sadly I have to retake the speaking part due to intermittent recording. I've been advised to retake it on the 4th of this month and have to wait same day for the result.

Very sad to hear that you didn't passed the speaking exam. But look at the bright side: you have extra time to practice and you know the result on the same day.
You will pass,  I am sure of it.

Heel veel succes en doe je best!!!


Based on my experience, it is quicker than 8 weeks.  good luck :)

Everything is ok now.I got all the results. It was a technical error so I needed to retake the speaking part of  the exam.

Am just waiting for the stickers here.

Hi! I am studying my exam for mvv. I just want to know if its hard or not so hard?

hello same to me too i will take my exam in dec 20 if i may ask how was the speaking part thats is if you have done the exam

Hi good day!! i just want to know what preparation you did before taking the exam? Did you went to dutch langauge school  or just self study? Thank you.

depends on you i did self study .i also bought naarnederland book to study and  i also study from youtube adappel .just be confident and concetrate will studying sucess to you.

Shielasazy :

Hi good day!! i just want to know what preparation you did before taking the exam? Did you went to dutch langauge school  or just self study? Thank you.

I did self study and passed all the 3 exams. Take a look at naarnederland website, just google it. It is helpful.

How's the exam looks like? Is it difficult? Please give me an advice. Thank you!

Thank you and congrats..  so you are in netherlands now?

Hi..self study..i bought learning materials from ad appel but i suggest you to buy from naarnederland  though i only downloaded those free ebooks at their website and its really a big help.

Hi Hello! Are you living there in Holland? Can I ask a questions?

Hi! Self-study is sufficient but then of course everyone is different. What worked for me may not work for someone else. Consistency is the key - study every day. You don't need to be at level A2 for the exam but you need to know common Dutch words, be able to read and understand basic Dutch sentences. You don't need to answer back in full sentences - just one or two words answers.  They just want to know that you understand basic things and your answer is relevant.

PS: Yes, already living in NL and real life experience is more scary than those exams :D

Yes im living in holland..yes u r welcome to ask

I have a dutch boyfriend and he lived in Dalfsen, Holland. I'm working here In Dubai and i'm planning to take Civic Integration Examination. Is it possible to take the exam in Dubai even tho I'm Filipino citizen?

Yes; follow the link I gave you in your other post asking the same question. :)

Where are you in Dubai?

Hi mrs Khinvdijk  I hope you are doing great,  I'm really nervous coz my partner and I started preparing our marriage documents and I shall need  to pass the civic exam coz we are so tired oh this Long distance relationship I was wondering if u can give me more information about the questions I've been asked  and if it's oral or not and if they give u instructions on English or questions on English or not
I hope to hear from you soon. Also Im happy that u got to be with the one u love eventually :)

Best regards .


Hi guys,

Is there maybe anyone from South Africa that has recently gone through the C.I.E.
let me know, would be great to be able to talk to someone about it.


Hello! Guys,
My name is Christy Van Amstel and I am married with a dutch national.
I did take my Civic Exam last April 5, 2018, here in Netherlands Consulate Dubai and its almost a week since I took the exam. Is really 8 weeks long before  I can the results?
And how many should I get correct in each part to pass the exam. I am actually freaking out to think from time to time. I am afraid that I fails the exam.

Hi Christy,

The examination comprises three parts, you must pass all three to pass the Basic Civic Integration Examination.  Each examination part is awarded a mark between 1 and 10.  Marks 1-5 are "fail" marks. Marks 6 and above are "pass" marks.  If you fail one or two parts, you can re-take just the part's you failed, you don't have to take all 3 again.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Now I'm waiting for the mvv approval and will return to Cebu for a2 level before going to nl.

Guys how long did you get  approval for mvv?

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Hi @christy24 how are you? Did you already received your exam result? I also took my exam at Dutch Embassy Dubai and passed all the parts. Its takes only 34 days,but of course everyone has a different time waiting. Now I’m finally with my Dutchie.😍

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