Is Belgium a good country for living?

Hello do you guys now if belgium is good country for living let me know please because I want to move to Belgium with my wife and son, thanks

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Hi Arthur2016,

Maybe you can have a look at the Living in Belgium guide , you will find some interesting and useful information about Belgium already.

Any reason why you chose Belgium as your destination please? :)

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Short answer, yes, it is a good place to live. 5 years here and I don't intend leaving.

I feel the same as Sean above with the exception that I know I'm here to stay as the woman of my dreams lives here with me.

Zipper269 :

I feel the same as Sean above with the exception that I know I'm here to stay as the woman of my dreams lives here with me.

I should have added that I'm only here because the woman (wife) of my dreams is a Belgian...and the beer. ;-) Unless there is another country that brews better beer....

Nope no better beer. Or at least I haven't found better

It is a nice country to live in. The standard of living is high.
Of course it depends what region of Belgium you live in.
I live in the Flanders region.
It is very peaceful here and people are friendly overall.
The only thing I don't like is that it is very cold during the winter time and it rains a lot during most seasons and you find yourself spending a lot of time inside because of the ugly weather.
The best time is Summer. It doesn't rain as much, it is warm and people create lots of events like festivals etc..
there are so many nice parks and like I said it is very safe
Great to raise a family. It is best of course when you come already with work waiting for you here. Unless you are in the business sector, where the main language is English, I think it is difficult to find a job if you don't speak the language of the locals  (Dutch or French).

Yes Belgium a good country in which to live. Good beer, chocolates and food and people are friendly. Traffic is pretty terrible but public transport good when not on strike. Easy to get to Netherlands, Paris and parts of Germany within 2 hours. Movies are in English and subtitled, plenty of festivals and lots of activities for kids and seniors.

Whilst English widely spoken it really is necessary to speak French if you want to work in Brussels or Dutch if you want to work in Antwerp or rest of Flanders.

I have lived in Belgium for six years and would say it is an excellent place to move.
Some reasons are:
Excellent location enabling easy travel to many other European countries.
Nearly everyone speaks English.
Very good social welfare system so most people are looked after well.
Lovely places to drink and eat.
Renting not too expensive.
Diverse population.
Great cheese!

It very much depends on what your used to,
Things are expensive here and taxes high. However I think wages are pretty good and after you have worked for a year and then happen to lose your job you are looked after well by social security. Normally getting about 80percent of your wage. However you normally can not get any unemployment. Child support is also quite good. Starts off low but as your children grow up and attend school the amount goes up to help with extra costs that you accumulate. I find busses and trams at least here in Flanders to be very cheap. However the price has gone up an awful lot in last 3 years. I think that the biggest expenses that I found shocking compared to region I am from in UK are. House prices, Food and children's shoes and clothing. Although now with Primark it has made things easier and given some competition to other stores.  As for work sometimes you can get lucky and get a job were you are fine speaking English. However these are rare. Flanders its dutch and Brussels french and dutch. However a lot of places prefer to you know Dutch and french for Flanders and french dutch and English for Brussels. Again this dose depend on the job.

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