Student in Malaga [NEW]


I just moved to Spain, and almost nobody speaks English, so I am looking for some people that do speak English :)
Maybe we can chat or meet-up!


Welcome to the forum Nate :)

I hope that you will be able to establish some nice English speaking contacts via our web community.

Wish you good luck ;)


Hi Nate,

I will move to Malaga at the end of January 2011, coming from Ireland. So it would be nice to meet some people that speak English.
I will let you know when I arrived ;)


(Yeah, that's my name but I don't speak Spanish)

Hey. Nata. where about in Malaga do you live.
i have been living in malaga since july, and it is always good to talk and meet new people. so if you want chat or meet up let me know.


podrán amigos de málaga ayudarme a encontrar una familia colombiana? daría mucho por encontrárlos de nuevo.

Hi Nate.

My husband and I are in the process of moving to Malaga from the US (Virginia). It looks like you are about our daughters' ages.  I notice you are a or taking a course at a language school?  I don't think we could be any more help other than talking with you in a common language but would be happy to do that.  Will be there around May 6th if you're interested and we can share stories.  We would love to get your take on Malaga and your experiences thus far.


Hi Nate and others,

I just moved here too from San Francisco.  I've lived and worked in other parts of Spain in the past, but don't know anyone here.  I would definitely love to meet up sometime for a drink!  Let's coordinate a time to get together.