Malaga new like minded and interesting people in Malaga.

Hi all,

Malaga Meetup  Friday the 8th of November at 10pm at AC Hotel Malaga Palacio (in the lobby).

This is a group for all people  living, working and Visiting Malaga. We meet regularly to have a drink, dinner, exchange language and network.

Come and meet like minded interesting people in Malaga.

The event is free and you will also get discounts off drinks. There will be music for the evening supplied by DJ Salva RS...the event is in one of Malaga'sfinest venues!!!

Come and join our multi national growing community in Malaga!!!

Hope to see some new faces there!!

Esme xx

Wao I hope you pepol, enjoy it I see it late nix time I well be there,hope that time I am not back to london I hope if I am in Malaga I well come so let me know when is nex? I well be there,

Hi everbody, this is Abdul I am now in Malaga for some time now I need to go back to work I am working in london ikea wembley and  now I come back to Malaga becus I whnt to relax and go back again so if eny one whnt to go to london I will like us to talk so we together get a house and pay together  for that work I can help you to get you nacional insurance. Nomber to start work too.tnx

My name is Franklin working living in malaga love the city wheather
am busst start up a business lead generator making appointments for companies .

Origine Amsterdam Holand , my parents came from India.

greetings franklin

would like to make contact in malaga ( living clost Thyssenmusea).

My name is Araceli , Spanish native
Living in Málaga and interested to improve my English and French
meeting new people
When will it take place next meet up?
Look forward hear news¡¡

Hi Esme,
I am French and moved in Malaga a month ago with my family.
I hope I can join you to the next event and meet new people here.
Let me know. Thanks. Rebecca

Hi all...the next Malaga Meetup is on Saturday at 9:30pm at Baires Coffee & Drinks at Calle Méndez Núñez 9 close to Plaza Unciby. We will be in a private venue upstairs for the Meetup and language exchange. I hope you can join us!

Sorry tonight's event has been cancelled but will be posted again when we have a better venue. Thank you.

hi to all in Malaga
Me &my son (10years old) moving to Malaga june 2015 for a yea,r to see if life in spain suits us. I am professional (clinical pharmacist) and my biggest worry is getting a school placement near where we are going to live in Malaga. I will not know where until 1.june, and I believe it take 2-3 months to get my NIE, which is needed for school. If anyone can help to put my mind at ease, very much appreciated. thank u

Hi there,
I'm Rebecca. I own a business in anti-aging.
I moved to Malaga 3 months ago with my husband and my children go to school at Liceo Frances.
It took us a few hours to get the NIE, and it was not needed to register at school.
I hope this helps. If you like more info about Malaga, we can talk over Skype or FaceTime anytime.
Take care.

hi there,My name is feri live in Mijas costa, unfortunately i have received this notice today on 18.11.2014 from 8 days later than event, i would have been glad to join the event.but if you do any other events later could you inform me earlier enough by direct mail? here is my e-mail

Merci Rebecca
I am getting a bit stressed as the date of move (june 2015) getting close. We are going to Rent in Malaga Este, Corado De calderon as I believe to have good spanish school. I have decided to send my son Alex (10 years going y 6) to spanish school to help him with full immersion. All the schools have written to me that I need the contract of a place to live, NIE number for registration in school. If I can text you perhas 1.june when I get there be great (facetime or SMS text).

We are going to move ot malaga like said in june 2015. I am persian originally and have many friends in UK. I hope to be able to make new ones in Malaga as I am very sociable

Hi sol44, i am also Iranian and have moved to Mijas costa which is near to Malaga a year ago.i try as always do to make friends where ever i go, made some Iranian, Spanish and English friends here allready, would like also very much to meet you and your family. let me know if you also would like to get in touch.
best regards

Hi Araceli,
We are a group of people gathering one a month to speak Spanish and French.
It is a really nice group and we would like to grow.
If you like, you can join next time is going to be in Jan. 22nd. You can call me to know more.

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Please do so and contact me in June or earlier if you like.
My children are going to Cerrado de Calderon's schools and we live near Cerrado, in - to and as many people say - the best place to live in Malaga (Limonar). I'm sure you will have a great time settling here with you son and you will make lots of good friends. Here it is easy to get to know new people. See you soon then :-)

Hi esme
Interesting to know Malaga event I would be interested to come sometime this year 2015
Looking forward to see you in there.
If you can provide mean exact address of hotel venue as I am further in cordoba.
Thank you.
Kind regards,

Hello I only can live you my nomer call me when you are in Malaga or enytine you want

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