Friends in Marbella


I am kind of new in town and I want to meet more people.
I like: beach, cafe, shopping, party, music... well, whatever a girl likes actually.

Hope to hear from you.

Hasta luego :)

Hello Serlena.

Welcome to the forum!

Maybe you can tell us more about yourself.
How is the town you're living in? :)

Thank you,

Hi Serlena
It would be great to meet you.
Im looking to meet some new people too.
x :)

Hello, my name is Victor and I´m from Seville (Spain). I am making great efforts to look for Norwegians in Seville because I am moving to Tromso next year and maybe I would like to start learning some Norwegian or, at least starting to get in contact with the culture, but I see it quite hard. I was looking for languages schools in Seville and I haven´t found any Norwegian one. And after looking for Norwegian groups in Google, Facebook and so on, this is the only web I found about Norwegian expats in Spain.

   Are you still living in Spain? I hope not to bother you but I would love to meet someone (if you have other Norwegian friends I would be glad to meet them too) from your country. I am a Masters student and I will be doing an internship in Tromso for 6 months next year. I have an international profile and I love travelling (I have been living in France, Mexico and Thailand), so we can speak in English or even French if you´re not fluent in Spanish. I just really want some advices, things I should know before leaving, how the culture is in Norway and, above all, where to find someone to start teaching me the main basic things because despite I have a medium-high level of English, I would like to get involved with people and their lifestyle.

    I have just signed up in to write to you so thats why my profile here is not complete at all.
    Thank you in advance,

     Victor Toscano.

PS: By the way, my email is (I think I will never check this webpage again)

Hi Victor and welcome to!

Please note that this is an old topic. You might want to start a new thread on the Malaga forum for more visibility and interaction :) Thank you.