Moving to malaga

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum so it would be great to hear from some of you.

I am living in Tenerife at the moment but am looking at moving to Malaga in the next couple of months so if there are any of you that can give me some good pointers that would be great.
Areas, work, etc.

It would also be nice to chat with a few of you.

Hi CP, I have just joined the forum too!  Have been living in Malaga region for nearly 10yrs now... best place I have ever lived ;)
Too much info to pass on in a small space - What are you looking for particularly?
I only rent so can only advise on local rental prices (i.e I pay €550 pcm for a 2 bed small finca in Campo). 
Work... I did work in the travel trade for my sins.  But due to recession etc - work very hard to find at moment (unless you are prepared to do 'ambulance chasing :( 
Nice relaxed life here.  Can go to the coast if you want a bit of husstle and bustle.  Inland is quieter, but getting expensive due to the expat influx! 
I guess it is different than living on an Island.
Close to Malaga so good transport connections.
Have you ever been here on holiday?
What made you choose our location?

all the best Sj

Hi me and my partner will be moving to malaga in Ocotber ; he speaks Spanish and English, But i only speak English fluently, Can you please give me some pointers as a place where to live , which is best location to find a job? And maybe a price more or less of a 1 bedroom apartment and maybe some websites for property?

Thanks for your help

hi folks!

i am here coz i wish to make freinds in a small cafetiria on beach side, serve indian masala tea, make freinds, live life making people talk about LIFE....and just have a good time...and spend healthy life.