New to Expat Blog - Looking for friends

Hello to all!

I have been in Spain for awhile now, but I'm looking to make new friends, with English speakers. Feel free to message me or reply if you want to hang out! I live in Fuengirola, Malaga - lovely city - it has an Iceland, where I can buy the ingredients to make killer chocolate chip cookies :)


Welcome to Roz!

Thanks for your introduction.;)


Hi Roz!

This is Adriana!

I have a friend in Málaga who just move overthere one week ago.

If you are interested to meet her please let me know and I will pass you her mobile phone.


Hi Adriana!

That would be great! Thank you for the reply :)


Any chance of a cookie Roz lol

heya. i live in fuengirola as well :) if you are still here feel free to message me and maybe we can meet up. i love baking as well :D my favourite is cupcakes!

Hi guys!

I'm an American coming to Fuengirola for about 2 months this summer (June/July) to do an internship. I'm looking to meet some people before I arrive, so I have someone to go out with and just hang out, beach, etc.

I'm also looking for somewhere to live so if you have any suggestions, let me know! My office is in las lagunas so I was going to try and rent a room someone around there (within 30 min walking distance).


hey alex! I'm going to private message you! Yes - I will be back in Fuengirola at the end of May I would love to hang ou! :)

I'm living on the east side of Malaga, but it would be great to meet up some time. Send me a PM if you're interested and we can arrange something.

Hey guys!

So I'm not in Fuengirola anymore :( but I have moved to Malaga - anyone still interested in hanging out? Maybe a ladies night of some sort :P

Roz :)

hi i also live in fuengirola i manage an irish bar on the front tony shanleys irish bar, feel free to pop in any night im sure there will be plenty of friends you could meet there especially if you bring some off those choc cookies. tam

Hi Roz and all the other girls ;)

I live in Benalmadena but I would love to get to know some interesting girls like you!

Maybe we could organize some kind of group activity?

Hope to hear from you soon,

Hey Christelle!!!

I was wondering the same thing! I'm still down to hang out, even if everyone else is busy :)

Just message me when you are available!



I'm definitely up for meeting people. It's the fair in Malaga from this weekend, maybe some of us could check it out?


Hi girls,

Sorry for the late answer.
I've been pretty busy lately, lots of visits.
I will be available from Wednesday next week if any of you want to meet up :)


Hello all I am also living in Malaga on the East side...i often come to Fuengirola for nights out with my friends. I would love to get together if we could arrange a meet up one evening or on the weekend. Either in Malaga or Fuengirola. Keep me posted...looking forward to meeting you all. If anyone is living in Malaga feel free to message if you would like to meet up!!


Hi Roz!  My aunt lives in Fuengirola, I am trying to move there next year.  I am wondering what it is like?  Are people friendly to Americans?  Was it hard for you to find a job?  Also if your still there I would love to hang out :)

Hi Roz ans welcome to the blog!

I have a few friends in Fuengirola. It is a lovely place and there is a big expat community there. As far as i have witnessed the people are very friendly.

What type of work will you be looking for out of interest?

Let me know when you arrive as I would be happy to come and meet you in Fuengirola. I am in Malaga centre but am often there for weekends with friends.

Esme x

Thanks for the response! Here I am a haristylist, but I have worked in hospitality also (hotels and restuarants).  I like that there is a large expat community there, more opportunities to meet different kinds of people! I am so excited.  I live in san francisco and it is very common to just rent a room, is that ok over there?  Is that safe?

Hi again Roz,

It is common over here to rent a room in a shared flat. I live in a flat with 3 other people and it is fine. You could also check the classified or housing section on the blog. I will speak to my friend who lives in Fuengirola this weekend and get you some contact details of good internet sites for this!! There is a great expat community there and i could also put you in touch with my friends there if you would like to chat to them about the place more!!

I will get those details for you and be in touch!!

Esme x

thank you! your so sweet! im actually not planning to move until around may, but ill keep in contact and if you know anyone then i would love to talk to them!

Hi, I live in Alhaurin El Grande over the mountain, but I come into Fuengirola most days of the week. I share your addiction to chocolate chip cookies and maybe we can drink coffee together some day ....Spanish cafe con leche is the best. I am busy learning Spanish by the way. Alan

Hello Alan,

Maybe you could also introduce yourself :) would be appreciated ;)