New here :) Anyone else lonely and wants a friend?

I'm 23 years old and am looking for friends around my age, or younger/older... I love music, shopping, fashion design, web-design, travelling, going out for a drink or too but am really not into the whole club scene or 'discos' as they call them over here. I can't stand it. I also like cooking, baking, mixing cocktails, reading/watching interesting stuff like science, ancient mythology and the supernatural.

Before I moved to Spain I lived in the UK for 3 years (Surrey) where I worked as a bartender and got amazing experiences. Now I work as a waitress/bartender in the sun and I love it. But my work colleagues are twice my age and our customers are all in their 40's - 70's. So it's difficult to get in touch with younger people.

If you fancy a new friend just give me a shout. Preferably a female who likes shopping and coffee as much as I do :D

Hasta Luego

Hi Zyntetika,

Welcome to! :)

thank you! :)

Ahem! What is wrong with people twice your age???????????

I am Rafa was living in Madrid for five years but now I am here in Málaga, I am twentyfive and architect.

I am not a girl and shopping is not my favourite hobby right now, but I really like design and travelling... ohh and I love gastronomy.

Hasta luego

Dear all
am a young girl coming from Kev (Ukraine) to Malaga
like meet new people :)
love music, architecture, travelling, yoga
adore coffeee :P
speak good english
would be great to get in touch :) Julia

Hi Julia!

Are you living near to the city center? There are a lot of things to do over here!

I hope to hear from you :)

yes im lonely here! i need a friend!!

@sweetlady21 - Welcome to A little introduction please? :)

Thank you,