Expat blog meet up in Malaga centre this Saturday 27th October

Hi guys...we are arranging a meet up in Malaga centre this Saturday the 27th in Plaza de la merced at Picasso bar for any members who would like to come. We are waiting for suggestions for times from people now!!

Hope to see some people there and chat over a beer!!

Esme x

Thread sticked :)

and +1 !

Hey all...so far quite a few people can not make Saturday due to prior arrangements.

I have a confirmation from Gabriel...so lets see if we can get this event going!!

Let me know if the time needs to be changed for you!

I will keep you posted on how many can attend.

Esme x

Galisteo and Marco have confirmed they will be attending!!!

Well so far i have 4 people confirmed from the blog and 4 friends of mine who will be attending. Come on guys....we can do better than this!!

Esme x

Esme, you shouldn't post your phone number  ... or delete it just after the meet up ;)

take care,


Wow this sounds great, well done Esme hope it all works out!
Im off to Barcelona two hours otherwise i would have been there, get one ready for a couple of weeks and im in!!
Have a good weekend guys x

Thanks Tanith and Julien...note taken!

I have finally responded to the masses of emails about the meet-up and very happy to say that I have about 20 confirmed.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone. I think it will be a good get together. To the ones who cannot come...i look forward to seeing you next time!!!

See you at 6pm!!

En espanol:...lo siento para mi espanol, porque es muy malo pero yo estoy moy feliz, asta manana!!!


Esme x

Acabo de ver este mensaje. lastima que no lo haya visto antes. aunque me encuentro ahora fuera de españa, me gustaría,de vuelta, que se repitiera esta quedada y poder quedar para conocerse. un saludo a todos.

Hello guys,

To the ones that have messaged me concerned that you will not know who I am, I am wearing a black and orange stripped skirt so you will not be able to miss me!

See you all soon for a beer!

Esme x


We had a lovely evening last night and people from Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Romania, Britain and Wales. We are already planning the next meet-up at "Bilmore" restaurant in 2 weeks. I will get the event created and have an email sent out to all the members over the next couple of days.

Esme x

¿Habéis pensado otro día para hacer la quedada?. Lo siento, pero no hablo inglés.

@pepe2012, could you please post in English in this Anglophone forum?