Bringing Pets to Montenegro

I'm planning a move to Montenegro with my family of 4 and having our pets will be an important aspect to make this our new home. I found some info on a government website that makes it sound like we can bring our dog & cat with if we have a certificate of good health. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is there cost or fees associated with this? Is there any quarantine period? Thanks for any info you can offer.

it depends where you are moving from? Two of our dogs were poisoned by one psycho neighbor so be real careful. Our other neighbors were quite nice and than there was one who after a while I realized was responsible for killing every animal in the neighborhood. It seems like everyone in Mont has one such neighbor. Your pets must have the Rabies vaccine by law no matter which country you come from. Also a Titer which is done 30 days after the Rabies vaccine. Than if the Titer results are ok your pet can travel within 3 months

Very helpful info. Thank you. It seems the mistreatment of animals is a sad reality of Montenegro from what I've been reading. Sad. Thanks for the tips.

I brought my doggies here, Dukalee post is quite correct.

Certificate of good health usually issued by local vet no more than 10 days before travel.
Vaccination history book
Rabies Vaccine
Titer test

After the rabies shot wait 30 days then send serum to titer approved testing center, it will take about 2 weeks to get results.  If they pass, then is time to start planning flights, and airlines kennels etc.

Airlines will carry a maximum of 2 dogs on any flight.

Hi all,

I want to bring my 2 cats. Where can I find a template or example of a Pet Visa? That is apparently one of the documents needed?


@Jana Maritz, why go thru the hassle and expense of a pet visa? There are plenty of cats already here you can adopt.

Hello Jana Maritz,

I hope someone will be able to help you out. Though this thread is quite old, I hope you will get a response.

@Boxcarwillie59, people want to bring their pets over as they are attched to them, they have love and an emotional bond with their pets. As much as possible, one should find a way to bring them than abandon their pets.



@KimExPat I moved to MNE in April 2022 with my service dog and was not allowed to bring her into the cabin because she was not trained by a company recognized by Lufthansa.   Most airlines follow the same regulations.   She had to fly cargo.  But Lufthansa was very professional in caring for my dog when I missed my connection from Frankfurt due to a badly behaved passenger whose conduct resulted in her arrest and the tarmac delay in Frankfurt. My dog was contained for another 11 hours!  Cost me $850 to transport her from Dallas.  They weigh pet and crate together to increase revenue.  Beware!

Turkish Airlines does not have a treaty to fly animals into MNE, even service animals, so don't book with them.  I only found out when I checked my flight the day before departure.  T.A. lied repeatedly to me about the status of my dog's travel.  You can fly to Istanbul, but would be stuck there with no way to fly out. Originally scheduled a flight with that company to fly into Podgorica.  This airline is cheap with shortest flights and most generous baggage allowance, but not to be trusted regarding pets.  You must come through international airports in Podgorica or Tivat.

In your state you MUST have a USDA certified veterinarian examine your dog and complete the paperwork to export your pets.  Go to the State Department website for info on  this and traveling with pets.  I paid $270 for the vet exam and the export paperwork.  I think the government fees were $160.  Exam may not be performed more than 10 days before travel dates and you must complete travel within the 10 days. I would suggest the exam three days before travel.  Forms can be faxed back and forth or express mailed.  Don't let the 10-day travel window expire or you will be stranded with your pets abroad.  Keep your paperwork close by.  Airlnes will closely inspect this paperwork at the check in desk.

At borders the guards are somewhat flexible.  Be cheerful, excited and charming.  You likely will not have problems in customs or  at the borders.

In MNE dogs are not family members.  Do not expect store owners nor restaurants to welcome your pet, nor taxi drivers.  They hate the fur left on/in vehicles.  Make sure you pick up poop and have plenty of bags.  Fines can be harsh in cities.  Also, do Google searches for "veterinarians near me" as well as groomers and pet stores.  The latter two in particular are few and far between.  And products are inferior to American products.  You can get pet food at some veterinarians.  Purina and Pedigree products are common.

Please research traveling with pets on the 'Net.  I kept copious notes on every article I read.  It helped as I could not remember all the details.

Good luck!

No quarantines for pets unless no paperwork.

By the way, to the admin of this group, I wonder whether some of the old posts can be removed?  Frustrating to wade through posts obviously so out of date.  Thanks.


If you're moving from a "rabies free" country , e.g., Canada, do you still need rabies titers?


Yes.  Titers or rabies vaccination that is at least 30 days old.  More recent vaccination not accepted because the Vax takes a certain amount of time to become fully effective.


I have an email from the MNE authorities that the rabies titer needs to be at least 90 days old, not 30 as stated below.

Hi! I am planning to travel to Montenegro from Turkey with my two cats. The regulations state that

'The rabies titer test is required no sooner than 30 days after the primary rabies vaccination and more than 3 months prior to enter Montenegro.'

I wonder if it is any possibility to bring a pet sooner than 3 months? My residence permit in Turkey expires in two months' time and I don't want to overstay. Can I contact some authority and request entry permission before 3 months?

Hi @Freyada

which office is that? I need to contact authorities about pet travel. Can you please share the contacts? Is it the customs or some veterinary control?




Then 90 days it is.  My recall of this fact may not be 100%

Https:// is the website for Montenegrin government.  You can find pertinent information, and there are links to desired info, plus some telephone numbers and addresses.  Look for country names in the links, because travel and visa requirements differ.

I tried this link but had trouble connecting:  Try without the http part.

@alexasavich You can't fly into Tivat with pets. I read you can only fly into Podgorica.

Hello @Freyada

Did you find out if 90 wait are required or can we travel after the titer test?

No-one asked for or looked at all the papers and tests, so I don't know.