USA car in Montenegro length of stay?

Hey everyone!

I am looking to live in Montenegro for around a year as an American citizen(my wife is Montenegrin) with an auto from New York State.

I am hearing different messages about how long I can have my car there ( 6 months to a few years).

What should I do if I plan on driving my car around Montenegro( maybe other countries in EU) if I plan on importing from New York State with New York Plates?

Hi everybody is keeping cars registered in another country.. nothing happens

Do you plan to return the car to USA?
I have lived in Montenegro 16 years @nd this year get (I hope) permanent living.  I brought two cars in England, tax them in England kept all the time in Montenegro.  I have had speeding tickets . Never had a problem.  This year I will try and sell the car in U.K.   maybe buy one in Montenegro.   The police here are not looking to make your life a misery, like Governments and Councils in other countries.  More live and let live.

@Graham & Anja we are moving in July from Los Angeles & trying to figure out if we should ship our car over instead of buying. Do you that is a better option versus buying a car in Montenegro or even another European country & bringing it in to MNE? Do you keep you other country's insurance?

@MilesofTravel, I moved to Montenegro in June,2022 and had wanted to ship my car but I decided against that and sold my American car and purchased a car in Montenegro. I see a lot of cars here with American plates but I just didn't want to take the chance of getting into any issues with the law and also I heard that it was hard to sell an American car here. I hope my response will help you. Oh, one more thing. The shipping cost will be a lot to ship a car. I really think just buying one here is the best. Most cars here are diesel also.

@Boxcarwillie59 Thank you for the info. My sister-in-law lives in Montenegro & has heard it's a pain to register the car each year but not sure if her sources are reliable. She said maybe we should ship the car. We have 3 kids & want to go to the mountains so would be great if we could bring it as it's exactly what we need. Plus selling it in US, I probably won't get as much as I'd like. I'll see what shipping cost looks like if it makes sense to bring it. Just wasn't sure about insurance over there. Looking into international insurance before we leave.