Buy a car in Montenegro

I'm flying to Tivat next Tuesday. On the website Autodiler I found three cars i'm interested. Prices are fine, though I haven't contacted the owners yet.
Anyway: what is the procedure to buy a car in Montenegro?
Do they ask you a permanent address in Montenegro? I don't have any, but I could use a friend's house or a hotel if needed.
I need to drive it to Russia in the following week, and I'll use it in Russia crossing the border every 89 days.
How much it takes all the paper work? How much it costs?

Hi Eielef,
As far as I know, only Nationals of Montenegro can buy a car and have it in their personal name. The other options is to buy the car in the name of your company if you have a company in Montenegro. Some foreigners "buy" a car in Montenegro but it is in fact in the name of someone who has Montenegrin Nationality who gives official authorization to the foreigner to drive the car. This can be a friend of yours, or in some case I heard the car dealers can provide this...
Someone else might have more information, but I think this is how it works here.
In any case, cars are usually more expensive in Montenegro than in most other European countries, so it could be worth checking cars elsewhere ; plus it would be much easier to actually have it in your own name. 

Thanks Tsarine. The same I heard of Serbia, I thought Montenegro would be easier.
If I buy the car in Montenegro under my friends name, how I get this permission to drive the car? Does it allow me to leave the country?

I haven't seen really big differences in prices, i mean: if a car in the UK costed 100$ in Italy or France it would cost 95, Germany and Switzerland 105, Bulgaria 120, Bosnia 130 and the worst: Russia 300.
But just for further information. Which country would allow me to have a car under my name? Fast to buy, the bureaucracy (registration process, insurance) made in less than 3 days?
I'm not that committed to Montenegro, and if you tell me Luxembourg doesn't ask you any papers I'll go to LUX very fast.
Thanks a lot

I am not so knowledgeable about this, but I know many foreigners in Montenegro have cars with French plates and I heard that was the easier registration you can get. Also there is no need to "renew" the plates every year like for a Montenegrin Car for ex. But on the other hand, you might find it difficult to insure the car with a green card, as you can normally not be insured with a green card in France if you are more than 3 months abroad.
I hope someone else will manage to provide you with more information.

That's true. I just said Montenegro as I have friends there who can help me at least with the translation. Renewing the plates every year? That sounds quite difficult. How much does the insurance cost in Montenegro? And taxes? And it is valid for going to EU and Russia?
Thanks a lot for all your information.

Hello, did you get some info regard this?
im planning to buy an used car that is already registered to the name of the owner until 2021, Is this safe to do?
When the register expires can i register it to my name?
if i want to sell it in future,  must be registered it to my name?

Thx for your help

Not really. You can't. You could if you were a MNE citizen. But being a foreigner (a tourist) it doesn't work. Plus, at some point, when you need to re-register the car (every year, as the registration card expires every year, you need the previous owner to be present and sign the documents). Also, they want to know the owner has no traffic tickets. If he has, then he has to pay them before they issue your documents. At some point, the previous owner of my car had many tickets, had no money to pay, so I had to pay his tickets in order to get my documents and leave. I never saw the money again.

Plus, the registration lasting just one year, because of the technical inspection, made having a Montenegrin car extremely difficult and unworthy. I had to travel once a year (driving over 7000km between going there and returning) and spent 4 days going there, 10 being there, and 4 returning. It was always slow, and had a new problem. The mechanic often sent me to a special shop to do some repairs which were not really needed but they wanted to see them. I knew it was a rip off, but there was no other option at the moment.

Last year, I said goodbye, drove there for the last time, and sold the car for scrap. It was the wisest idea I've ever had. I used the car 94000km, I loved each of them, I loved the road trip to Montenegro, but it was very expensive (imagine 20 days of hotels, fuel, tolls, food) and it was getting repetitive (I was curious enough to plan very good the trips so never went through the same countries, or never did the same road, so was able (in the 4 trips between MNE and Russia) to visit over 20 countries (from Turkey to Finland). Maybe it was better if it wasn't in winter, but I seriously love snow driving..

Answering this specifically:
1) When I bought the car, we went to a notar and signed a document of buying the car.
2) When I sold the car, that document was enough to sell it. Legally it was mine, although it wasn't registered to my name.
I also get the yellow card from AMSCG (Auto-Moto Savez Crna Gora) that allowed me to drive internationally, and the green card (which had the name of the legal owner of the vehicle).
Those two documents (that had to be renewed every year) plus the property card were enough to drive the car for 5 years in over 20 countries....

ok that was a superb answer, thanks for taking the time.
My idea is just buy a cheap car for the summer not to keep it forever (renting one cost the same than buying one) , but i wasnt sure if it is neccesary to be registered to my name.

So in resume

- with a document from notary and yellow and green card (have to renew every year) and property is enough to drive it legally in montenegro and around right?
- i can keep it registered to the owner's name, have to renew every year (be carefull with people that want to rip you)

About insurance? is this independent from all the process? can i pick any insurance company and is enough?

Thank you :))))