car import and registration

I am planning to relocate in Montenegro, I am from Greece but currently I am living in Malta.
The thing is that I am planning to come by my car (that has maltese plates), and then after I will obtain my residence card, to register my car in Montenegro with local plates.
The problem is that I can't find any information regarding this. Even the name of the authority that is responsible for vehicle registration I can't find. Can you advice me?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Michael,
I have just seen your post about bringing your car to Montenegro. If you get your residency  card  you can apply to get your car registered  with Montenegro  number mentioned  in your enquiry  about where you can do this.
If you go to the MUP office it is the same office where you will be applying  for your residency  card .These offices are in the main towns in Montenegro  for example  Herceg novi,  Budva , Podgorica,Bar .They deal with car registration and temporary  residency issues so you need to find out where is the nearest office to your town in Montenegro. Before you get your car registered  and you have your temporary  residents  card you will need to go to one of the insurance  companies in Montenegro and they will arrange to get your car checked at one of the test centres and they might also be able to tell you about taxes  to be paid for importing the car.It will take you a few weeks to get your residency  card if you have all the correct paperwork and when you have your residency  card  you will need to bring it with you to the car insurance  company  when you are applying  to register your car.I hope this is some help to you.

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