Exchange of foreign license in Montenegro

Hey there guys,

Since I am moving permanently to Montenegro, my current driving license from the country I am currently residing will expire in 2 years so how can I exchange to a Montenegro driving license if you already have 10 years of driving experience ?

I came across many posts where they say to just get an international one and it works in MNE but if the current license I have will expire in few years and I WANT to get the Montenegro license exchanged or obtain, how does it work ? (language would be a huge barrier for sure)

Looking forward to your experiences

Hi, I replaced my driving licence last month. First of al you have to have a residence permit (I guess you already have) You need a health report from government hospital (20 Euros I paid), official translation of your current driving licence. Paid 35 Euros fees to the bank and get my licence in a week time.
That is it. They issue the driving licence with EU standards which means valid all around the world.
Hopefully this helps

How long did they issue your Montenegro license for ? Will it expire on same date as the license you are replacing ?