5 good reasons for living in Montenegro


if someone asks you the best reasons for making the choice to live and stay in Montenegro, what would be your top 5?

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climate, natural beauties, food, slower pace of life, girls

I travel there alot.
If you have never been when you go you will see a whole new way of life. People live of 200-300 euros a month. Most families live in a one or 2 bedroom flat/house but yet they respect everything they have, they appreciate each other and they work as a family. People are happy.

My top 5 reasons to live there would be:

1-Even though they earn little money the word "friend" or "family" means so much to them. You are always being called for a coffee or to go for a walk along the coast even to just pop round and watch the football. People take the time to think about there friends and family and offer as much to you as they can.

2-The food. Everything is fresh and healthy. Ok you don't have your all day breakfast but you have so much more. Every meal is one you will remember whether that's because you hated it or because you loved it. In the UK im used to McDonald's or subway. Grabbing a packed sandwich from the shop, over there ive tried octopus, sarma, corba. And now that's all i eat. If you go to your supermarket to buy a sandwich, you pick what meats and chesses and olives, tomatoes you want inside and they charge you 90cence.
Everything s healthy, fresh and full of flavour.
And if your a fish lover, you really cant go wrong here.

3-Even on the darker days you get to experience some of the best of mother nature. I returned home yesterday after spending 2 and a half weeks in Herceg Novi/Kotor and Budva and the first 2 weeks were warm breeze sun and sea. Unfortuantly the last 5 days were rain and wind and heavy storms...But the storms were something id never seen before! The wind so strong it cut down electricity but i went and stood out on the balcony and looked over the gorgeous coast and watched the town light up with purples, orange, blue and green flashes of lightning. Montenegro is a beautiful coast line and with places such as Tivat and the new Porto Montenegro with a new marina full of yachts and designer shops and with Kotor and its gorgeous old town wall and breath taking views and Budva a small old town but yet full of history you have some fantastic locations to visit. No matter what the weather Montenegro has not once failed to take my breath away with its scenery. And with its ever growing developments of hotels, apartments, renervations and so on, i can garuntee in 10-15 years it will be somewhere people will be travelling to see.

4-Seasons. Summer time is the time when everyone from the cites around travel to the coast to soak up the sun. It becomes a place of laughter, music and LOTS of people. The night life is every night. MONDAY-SUNDAY and everywhere has a place to suit you. Whether its a cocktail bar with jazz music with fantastic see views, or a nightclub on the beach surrounded by palm trees and the see or even just a small coffee shop... Montenegro's got it!
The winters are quiet and often cold..but for me in the winter nothing beats walking along the cobbled streets of Kotor all wrapped up and finding a quiet little coffee shop and reading a book or meeting with friends.

5-I have to agree that yes the girls and stunning! But then again so are the men. Everyone takes great care in what they look like so for a man, a coffee with friends means shirt and jeans. Its the time of year where you can dress to impress. And trust me, its impressive!

For me Montenegro makes me appreciate the things around me. The music, the culture, the people and most of all myself. But my advice to anyone who is going for a vacation or to live you have to remember that there was a war there, and not everything has fully recovered. For example buildings. Even now they are still repairing what was broken and for me that makes the country strong and hard headed. Its prepared to achieve and so it shall.

Thank you for your contribution Dusha01! :)


First of all it is the size of our country. For 7 hours, you can come from north to south. Everything is near, if you like mountains you can go there and be back at the same day on the coast.
It isn't expensive, you can find a lot of everyday's stuff for low prices.
It is quiet. Even in the summer, you can hear music till 1 A.M. There is no rush. Life goes by slowly.
Nature is incredible, everyone could say that. You may see the high mountains peaks, gentle valleys with green grass, diverse coastal vegetation and everything in this small, but wonderful country.
People are friendly. You may ask anyone for help, they are kind and nice, but not many people speak English. The better chance is if you may ask some younger on the street, because English is required at school now.

1- Nature is amazing; possible to see all colors,
2- Possible to make almost all outdoor sports,
3-Much more cheaper than a big part of Europe,
4-People are so kind and helpful,
5-Has a perfect location; has easy access to everywhere

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