Furniture in Montenegro

Does anyone know how to purchase IKEA furniture in Montenegro?

Well pop art TV a shop In Tivat  they order things through IKEA small stuff but if u ask they might order big pieces of furniture. I think they might up the cost cause of import charges.

Yes Pop Art Tv in Tivat does that (they also have a shop in Budva) the company name is "Podgor Impor" ; they charge you the prices of the italian Ikea (they buy in Bari) and add 60% on top of the price.
There is now another company doing the same and buying from Zagreb Croatia ( and they charge a bit less than Pop Art. Both can order large pieces it's not a problem.

Thank you so much, that is a great help. I need a loft  bunk bed for our house in Petrovac.  Do you know of any other company that does a similar thing with a queen bed under and a single bunk above.

One of the good things about Montenegro is that you still have many craftsmen around, so you could find a carpenter to do just that for you at a good price. It might not be so cheap as Ikea's catalog prices, but it could be the same as the Ikea+60% - Ask around you for a carpenter ("Stolar"). Print a photo with dimensions of what you need, and get a quote ("Ponuda")!
If you can't find in Petrovac / Budva area, I can give you contacts in the Tivat area.

Thank you so much, greatly appreciated.


I can strongly recommend Pop Art in Tivat as being very helpful , reliable and they assembled my stuff... and  remembered me and where  I live after  several months  even though I had a small order. They can get you anything that is on the  Italian website ( From Bari) which seems to have more stock than Croatia.

@Tsarine hi there do you know where you can get collapsible garden furniture that delivers in Budva or near by thank you

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