I would just like to flag the issue of using a bank card from a Montenegrin bank in another  Montenegrin banks ATM and the charge involved.I have used a card 3 times to withdraw cash recently from an ATM and the fees associated with the withdrawals of 1,500 euro were 37.50 euro this works out at 2.5% . Please make sure that if you are using your bank card any charges involved if not using it on a machine from your own bank.

Which bank was that?
I am using Erste, and I think the fee for withdrawing from another bank or checking your balance, is a fixed fee under 1€.

Yes erste bank is the bank 12.50 Euro charge for withdrawal of 500 euros from NLB ATM .

Erste bank will give you a full list of their charges on line

A friend withdrew money from a CKB ATM with his NLB card and they took 6e for a 100e withdraw! Disgrace!

ANyway...if you have an NLB card, withdrawal from their ATM is free, counter charges are about 0.30c on a minimum or so..

It seems that the best practice is to just use your card in the ATM of your own bank,or else withdraw the money over the counter.

ATM withdrawals from your bank's ATM, that's the best bet.
I wonder about over the counter withdrawals in other banks. I am sure they charge a lot for that as well.

I am not sure about the charges for over the counter transactions in other banks,but I would recommend getting a list of your own bank charges .