How long is the Visa process?

We are planning to move to Austria (from the USA) in June 2017 on a Private Niederlassung Visa. (We'll be retired.) How long does the visa process take? The Embassy website says it can take from 2-6 months. Is this accurate? How complicated is the process? Any advice would be appreciated.

I have a different situation, however my advice would be to contact the Austrian embassy in the US and ask them for your specific options.
To apply for my Researchers Visa from Australia was going to take "up to 12 weeks" and I was able to get it here within 6 working days...
As an American you can enter the country on a 90 day tourist visa correct? So find out if you can process your visa from within Austria, its much quicker from within. Also I would advise you to find the check list on the embassy website and have all paperwork ready such as apostille's on documents etc, as these are more difficult to get once you are outside your home country.

Thank you. I'm trying to figure out the "in country" and "out of country" question...but the apostile before I get there is very good advice. One box checked!

I was also advised to get one on my police check FYI, as well as my birth certificate.

And it wasn't clear to me at any point in time, the whole process was quite stressful as the information is really hard to find in English online. But I think if you have legitimate rights to this visa you want, you should be okay, the Austrians do not seem like the American or Australian departments when it comes to Immigration "strictness", and they are actually really friendly. (In my experience the Americans and Australians in these similar positions are condescending and cold). If you are planning on applying for a time so far away as 2017 why not just submit it from the states 6 months early and wait it out! But I think you are making a great decision!

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