Move from Ireland to Belgium

Hi all.

First post here. I have a bit of an unusual situation that I was hoping some people here could help me with. So I moved to Belgium 2 years ago.  I had been in college before I went to Belgium and had failed some exams in my final year. I decided to take time out off college as I wasn't really able to focus there and needed to see somewhere new. So I got a job working part time in a bar over there. While I was working there I met my girlfriend. After a while I decided that I needed to go back and finish my study's. My amazing girlfriend decided she would come with me. When I finished college I was offered a job by my uncle working for his start up company. I have been doing that for the last 6 months. During the time in Ireland my girlfriend was unable to get a job despite a huge amount of applying and interviews. She also found it very hard to meet new people. My job was only available up till the end of this month so we decided to move back to Belgium. OK, so now that I have told you my life story here's the question.

I am currently looking for a job in the IT sector. My french is poor at best and I don't really have much experience. This means that I am only applying for jobs with English.  I found out I can transfer my PRSI stamps in order to get job seekers allowance. I just cant find much information on what I need to do. Is my case different because I have already worked in Belgium? Can anybody help me so I'm prepared? I really want a job and this is my just in case plan.

Hi I have been trying to find work also, but also finding it hard as my dutch isn't very good, finding a job depends on what part of belgium you are living in, I live just on the border with france, so most employers want people that speak french if you live in flanders, you can get away with speaking english so long as you work in the tourist industry, my background is working in finance and banking so I have stated to look in Brussels it self, Also be careful with the jobseekers allowance as the rules over here state that you will have to been working a year before you can claim,it is very tricky over what you can claim and what you can't,, go to one of the unions such as ABVV or ACV and they can help you out as well as the OCMV,, I know you are looking for IT work, but you have tried the european parliment in Brussels and also NATO, they advrtise on the web.I know you posted  your question in sept but I hope this helps and good luck

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