What do you like the most in Belgium?


Living abroad, expats discover and enjoy a new environment.

What do you like the most in Belgium?

What seduced you when settling and living here?

Share with us your favorite part of living in Belgium and the reason why you enjoy your expat life here.

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Great topic Christine.   :D

#1 My husband...........my Belgian, Flemish husband.   :)   He is the love of my life and I would go to the ends of the earth for him.

#2  I wanted to experience living in another country long term.  I've lived in other countries, but it was always short term.

#3  I also fell in love with the old architeture of the buildings here; very charming and quaint. 

#4  The wonderful countryside and landscapes.

#5  The friendly and curious people who I had met during my short visits to Belgium. 

#6  The wonderful and amazing food.


Sorry Hasselt09 for stealing your first point (not your husband lol :) ) - what I love the most in Belgium is my awesome husband! I think I'd enjoy living anywhere with him, it helps that Belgium is easy to live in.

He has a job here so no extraordinary seduction was required for us to move here.

These days I'm absolutely loving decorating my new apartment and just enjoyed my first Ikea experience, contrary to most people I liked it!

I am also enjoying this new happy feeling of discovering this city step by step. As we grow older, it becomes harder and harder to find things to do that we have never done before. That's why I really cherish these first days/ weeks of moving to a new country when everything is ripe to explore!!

Hope everyone is having an amazing time here :)

I love the Flemish dialect, its so much softer and funnier than Dutch.

#7  I also love all the wonderful cycling routes.  I am an avid cyclist and I cycle daily.  That keeps me in great shape and healthy.  Good health is paramount.

#8  Healthcare is good here as well.  I haven't had any major health problems and I only see my physician maybe 1-2x per year, but I am very content with the healthcare here. 

#9  Belgians are very charitable people and I find that endearing.  I started volunteering for a charitable organization 3 years ago and I love it.  I have met so many wonderful, kind people. 

#10 Most Belgians who I've met are very inquisitive about the U.S.  It's nice that they show an interest in my native culture.  It's a wonderful cultural exchange.

#11  Finding employment here wasn't difficult for me as my degree/occupation is in demand here.  I am definitely not one who can sit at home all day unemployed.  My career is very important to me.

i love driving in the countryside on week ends

Markfenwick :

i love driving in the countryside on week ends

Yes indeed.  We usually do this on Sundays.  It's very relaxing after a long work week.

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