permanent living in Belgium

What is a process to get permanent living in Belgium if one can be professional useful and culturally fit?
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You might have a look at the Visas for Belgium

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When you move to Belgium and apply for residence as a foreigner, you are given a temporary residence permit (valid for one year and renewable based on the terms (you have employment, medical coverage, legal residence or cohabitation, etc).

Permanent (long term) residence permit:

After five (uninterrupted) years of living in Belgium:
EU citizens: Get automatically granted permanent residence. They can apply in the local commune.
Non EU citizens: Eligible to apply for EU long-term residence. (If you have lived in another EU country for a five-year period, that also makes one eligible to apply for permanent residence card when you move to Belgium). One who meets these criteria, can apply for PR in the local commune. Applicant must be able to provide proof of regular employment or income and subscription to a mutuality (health insurance).

Once PR is approved you get a 5 year renewable electronic ID card.

PR (permanent residence) allows you to live in Belgium for an unlimited period and makes you eligible to almost all social facilities. NOTE: While on PR, If you leave Belgium for a period longer than two years, you lose your PR status.

Belgian Nationality:

You can get a nationality on various grounds – marriage to a Belgian, legal residence in Belgium, parent of a child born in Belgium – but there are strict conditions you’ll need to meet in most cases.

Starting January 2013, legal residence of between five and 10 years in Belgium is also a criteria. For example, to get citizenship through residence you must have been living in Belgium for five years, be able to prove that you speak one of the three main languages (FR/NL/DE) and that you are socially and economically integrated – such as be taking an integration course or having worked in Belgium for the past five years. It can take a long time for the ministry to make a decision due to the big backlog of pending applications. To initiate the process, you should visit your local commune.

some more info from city of brussels page:

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hello i have doubt about EU long-term residence.  i have EU long-term residence 5years card from spain....recently i got the job offer from beglium can i apply for EU long-term residence in it possible . if `possible what are requirement???

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My name is Simone. I'm new to this forum and was sifting through lots of questions. Thank you for the information you just provided from 2015. Wondering if you can help further clarify? I'm planning to move to Belgium this summer (2017) with my two children who are Belgian , have Belgian passports already. However, I am an American citizen. From the information you provided, do I then qualify to apply for Belgian Nationality status?

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