My honeymoon to Koln has tempted us to take the plunge and try for a wee German EXPERIENCE.

I have been living in Korea for the past five years and my partner in Australia for five or so years before he headed home to Korea.

I have teaching experience plus experience of working as a journalist, photographer, press officer, retail assistant - I am looking for something new and exciting - my weakness is I only speak English and a little Korean (happy to try German!)

What type of jobs or where can I look for a job in Koln? I am also interested in studying/working (interest lies in studying Art).

Any suggestions or thoughts ?

I would imagine Germany is flooded out with journalists (especially this week), but there might very well be opportunities for one more.
However, the rise of digital communications means you can be anywhere, but still work for a publication on the other side of the world.
I see you've also worked as an ESl teacher, so much of Asia (and probably half the world) is also open to you.
A few posters have mentioned China is still screaming out for English teachers - You could get wild and go a little further than you first intended.

Could be fun.