Work needed

Hello everybody,

I just moved to Germany from Slovakia, with my boyfriend who got transferred here, he is American.
I worked in automotive in Slovakia in American company as an Executive Assistant and Event Coordinator and I was also managing Reception too
There is no open position in German office of this company, so Im looking for a job also outside.
I would like to work either as an Executive Assistant or Event Coordinator, as I have more than 5 years experiences with this kind of a job. Im also interested in working in a hotel as a front desk manager, or working in front office, I worked before also in the Hotel, so I do have 2 years experiences with hotel work.

Im going to send some CV to the hotels around, but I was just wondering if you guys know maybe about some open position which would fit me.
In case I will be not able to find job as I wish for, I will try something else. My German is getting better :)
thank you for your help,


Welcome to! :)

The Jobs in Cologne section might help. Do not hesitate to post an advert there.

Articles => Work/Labor market in Germany.

Good luck in your research,

Thank you Aurelie,

I will check :)