Jobs for English speakers?

Hi everyone,

I am 26 years old Slovak and i moved to Cologne area a month ago. I am fluent in English and i speak a little bit German. I have a Slovak master's degree in spatial planning, and in Slovakia i´ve been working in the field of urban planning and also as a waiter and program editor in a music club. I have already signed up for a Sprachkurs, but didn't get any response yet. Right now, i am searching for any job, where my language skills wouldn't be a problem. Online job market for English speakers is mainly focused on programmers and scientists and i don´t know where else to search. I would be glad for any advice.


Hello there Matlock,

Welcome on board  :)

Try your luck on these websites : - Cologne jobs
Linked In
Xpat Jobs

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Both urban planner and waiter in a bar (or music club) requires good language skills.
You are well advised to study German first.

thank you both

Agree. Learn German before to find a job.

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