Job in Germany

Hello everybody
I hope all of you are in good health!
I am finding a job in Cologne of Germany!
I wish I can be!
see you all
thank a lot!
have many many great days!

Welcome to the forum, we look forward to more info to come from your side.

Do you mean you hope to find a job in Cologne or you got a job already and moving to Germany ?

What is your background ?

Hello Htoo Thwin

Welcome to

kindly note that your thread has been moved to the Cologne forum so as to help you get better interactions.

As suggested by happyhour, could you please introduce yourself better and tell us clearly about your project.

Are you currently seeking employment in Cologne, or did you already get one?

Kenjee Team

I like to have a eletroni eletrical job in germani dit my coss in gambia

sheikh tijan hidara wrote:

I like to have a eletroni eletrical job in germani dit my coss in gambia

Yeah right, and a salary of 10.000 Euro would be fine for you ??

We can assume that your German language is better than your English ??

HI Kenjee
I hope you are fine. As for me, I am good! For Now, I am working in the carpentry department of Phaung Daw Oo Monastic Education High School as both a trainer and a worker in Mandalay. But the salary is not enough for my family. Our family members are 4 peoples including me. I have one younger brother. My parent are living in country side. They are very poor to suppose my education. Fortunately, I had been finished High School in Mandalay since 2009. Now I just finished 3rd year of Yadanapon University. But you know, in Myanmar, even if I got the Master degree, it is hard to get a job. I live with my younger brother. Now he is attending grade 9 in high school. I suppose to him. My father is a carpenter. My mother is a tailor. They earn a little money but it about 3$ per day! So I have the responsibility for my family, so I am looking for a new suitable job in Cologne. that is about me. Thank a lot.

Have a great day!

Hi Htoo,

Very nice intro indeed, hopefully other new members will follow and introducing themselves the way you do it here.

Fully understand you current situation and can imagine how difficult it is for you to earn enough money to also support your family.

Still, it is not as simple as you may think to just come over to Germany and to look for a job, there are many issues one need to be aware of.

In short, you would need to find someone who is willing to employ you, you will need to apply for the right visa/papers, you should be capable to communicate in German, you will need to have enough funds, a health insurance and so on.

I am sure here are other members who can tell you in much more details.

Still like to ask you, why it must be in Cologne ??

Hello Htoo Thwin

Having a job in Cologne is very hard or nearly impossible! I may understand your wish, but Germany gives jobs to only those who really have skills which is not available in their own country.

It is very hard nowadays to find an employment anywhere in Europe if you do not have diplomas, or skills that is lacking in their own country!

I would advise you to try seek another option, as getting work in Cologne is not viable.

Have a nice day.

Kenjee Team

Dear happyhour,
I hope are fine! I already have Passport. By the way, I have a friend in Cologne, his name is Barthel Smith. He came our school once a year to gave the training about carpentry. He came three time to your school. Barthel and me gave the training together for two months or three months and he go back. When he go back, I train the students. Berthal is very kind and friendly. He is one of the trainers or teachers of SES, Senior Expert Service organisation. Now they invite to me to come Cologne in Germany for three months for studying. Now I am getting tourism Visa to visit there and to learn more about the carpentry. I would like to learn more about carpentry. I also would like to live there and learn more and having a job there. I also interested in construction & building. So I would like to attend some college or small trade school for 1 or 2 years. He said for the first time, it difficult to stay  there. The first time to Germany is only for three months. If I have a chance next time, I would like to live there and having a job to suppose my family. So I like Cologne.

Thank a lot for your advises
Good talking to you
Have a great day!

Thank a lot friend, It can be difficult. So I will try to have a skill or degree.

good talking to you
Have a great day!
see you