I'm looking for a job- waitress,babysitter, barmaid, cleaning lady etc

I'm Clarissa and I'm 21 years old.I'm italian but I have also lived in London and now I'm in Cologne.
I've done different jobs such as waitress, babysitter, barmaid, cleaning lady.
If you need me please contact me, I could also send you my CV.
Thank you for your consideration,

Hi Clarissa,

Welcome on board :)

I suggest you browse through the Jobs in Cologne section and drop your resume in the work sector that you feel more comfortable doing please :)

Wishing you all the best with everything !

Thank you


Dear Clarissa,

I am from France but now live in Cologne. I am a researcher at the Max Planck Institute. I have no time to clean my apartment, and was consequently wondering whether you are still looking for a cleaning lady job? If so, could I please get your CV?

Thanks a lot,
Best regards,