Job Prospects in Cologne

Hi There,

I am currently living in New Zealand but British born and possibly thinking of moving to Cologne with my partner (German born). I am a qualified Physiotherapist and fitness instructor but have lots of experience and skills in all areas of work from bars, gyms, health club management, front of house/reception/admin and sales/retail. How easy would it be for me to find a job as i only speak English at the moment but look to learn German asap.

Many Thanks


Hi Rachel,

Welcome to! :)

You might want to post an advert in the jobs in Cologne section as well.

- Do you have EU citizenship (e.g. the British one) and thus the right to live and work in Germany?
- Is your degree/certificate recognised in Germany?
These to factors greatly affect your chances, which may range accordingly from difficult (because of language skills) to none at all.